World of Warships – French Battleship Release Discussed

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Discussing a Wargaming video posted for the French Battleship development. Game is me playing in a Pan-Asian destroyer and enjoying the game. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier VIII Pan-Asian Destroyer Hsienyang Replay


  1. 360p….ewww and i do like how the japs have the only T10 BB that was real the rest are paper ships and the paper ships are better then yamato i have a yamato its really annoying when the german BB seconders shoot you from 10km away and fire as fast as a mingun it feels like the British just spams HE and gets 11k hits with it and the US one just a mix of all of them lots of guns everywhere.

    while the yamato has bad AA poor gun turning and very slow to turn if it was not for the guns on yamato none would play her and even then the guns troll you hard even if it has great sigma so it says… cant wait to see french BBs going 40 knots because they get an engine boost because that makes sense on a BB and have a 24-26 sec reload and are very easy to turn it just seems the japs dont get anything good anymore because they are the only ones who built most of the ships in there tec tree that you see in game yes i know they have a few paper ships but far less then most…

    • I’m excited for the Yamato at the Izumo right now and loving it, but from all the videos i see they really need to reinforce the yamato as being a tank, cause it seems like it doesn’t really do much else besides just having high pen guns, which is great but I’m sure people would sacrifice a bit of gun stats to get a more reliable overall ship. But who knows I’ll see when i get there.

    • not true, the Montana was actually laid down and work started: not paper. However, the usn currently has the only actual built and completed t10 cruiser: Des Moines.

    • Yes but the Montana was never put to sea was she she might have been laid down but she was never finished or put to sea

    • well, based on the fact that it never saw the ocean in a complete form, never engaged in any type of combat, and never sailed anywhere. it’s safe to say it was a paper ship that could’ve been a reality but never was.

  2. why is it in 360p Notser!?

  3. I think these BBs are going to be rather interesting, but, as a BB player myself, I could barely get over the fact that 1:16 is a BB player’s wet dream.

  4. We need Scapa Flow for a British port!

    • This game needs some of the following ports:
      The Port of Buenos Aires, Argentina
      San Diego or San Francisco
      Rio de Janeiro, brazil
      Taranto, Italy
      Valparaiso, Chile
      El Callao, Peru
      Hong Kong
      Sydney, Australia
      Lisbon Portugal
      Zaragosa, Spain
      (Any of the above I think it would be bienbenido)

  5. in the video around the 3:30 mark notser and someone else on his team both got first blood?..

  6. typical big corporations… their focus is screwing the consumer…FK them i say,but what do you do, keep up the excellent work Notser,ill be watching always and when i can afford it i will patreon you

  7. Audio hummm ?????? not that I heard Notser … sounds great to me .. good luck on Moving Notser and I hope you can move somewhere there is good internet and safe from all the bad weather and earthquakes you guys get .

  8. what i hate the most are triple condition missions (do A and do B and win the game) these are nearly impossible. Whenever a big campain runs I can see a clear nosedive in my performance stats

    • I usually end up spamming the farm xp or credits missions just so I can play what I like instead of getting pushed into playing something I don’t like.

  9. Nice video as always.

  10. Wargaming better add NImitz and 31 Knot Burke

  11. Dam why did that Hindenburg leave A, it cost them the game.

  12. ok, can we have more detail on USB Cruiser split, when available. Do I need to buy the Omaha again to get the new Dallas. I already have the Cleve, NO and Baltimore.

  13. What buzzing, Notser?

  14. Keep up the good work. Comcast sucks!

  15. If we get a Italian CA’s they better have very low citadels couse elsewhere there not that special if we get Italian BB’s i might die of being trolled there dispersion sucks so it should have VERY HIGH dmg per shell if we get a Brit DD”s idk how they will be like hopefully good

  16. The t9 should be buffed and moved up to the t10 spot for the french

  17. Are there not enough BB in every match ??

  18. Anyone else see that first blood tie?

  19. i love lamp…

  20. Jhe-vaughn Severin

    good luck bro

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