World of Warships – French Bias

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Load ze Baguettes! Issue only ze most smelly of cheeses! It’s time to argue the case that Bias does exist in World of Warships, except it’s not as Russian as you may think…

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  1. for once in my life i was the first to see your vid XD

    • Wait a minute it says the video was uploaded 10 minutes ago and your comment was uploaded 12 minutes ago what kind of black magic fuckery is this

  2. starting the day with the soothing voice of an elderly englishman mocking other people… nice…

  3. i was actually eating cornflakes 🙂

  4. Vice Admiral Parry

    Last time I was this early… wait, I don’t think I ever have!

  5. also we need a *rolling face over keyboard emoji

  6. The hail was setting off car alarms on my street earlier lol, glad I wasn’t outside in that

  7. AS a 52 year old man, I love history…so please keep up the history part of your videos please. Saledan NA server.

  8. That results screen seems a bit different hey jingles… Jingles?

  9. Almost 26k? Shitton more than any other DD? BbBut what about Harugumo? That thing can reach almost 30k!
    Weeby Dakka boat got ignored like that ;~;

  10. 15:46 Is that the wrong Stat Card?
    Oh, Jingles, never change

  11. it’s the wrong endplate for the score, old man … ^^

  12. Where was the final tally screen for the kleber 🙁

  13. The last time I was this early YouTube still paid a fair wage

  14. Okay, i finished choking on my corn flakes, carry on!

  15. It’s 0247, I’m having heartburn, and I’ve taken two Equate tablets to settle it down. Second semester salt mining starts in six hours, and my gnome overlord is gonna help me sleep dammit

  16. Sacre Bleu!!! I will say ziss only once!1 All good and have a great year, looking forward to getting Kleber , sometime in March at this rate

  17. Are some French ships kinda OP rn? Yes
    Are they getting nerfed into the ground? Kinda yes
    Are some Soviet ships OP? YES
    are they getting nerfed? Well no

  18. He just “Jingled” the results screen 😀

  19. so can we talk about Japanese bias then given that they’re kinda universially powercreeped and shat upon?

  20. Wg community: why don’t wargaming listen to the community.

    Wg: we do, but only the community on the russian server.

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