World of Warships: French Cleveland

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Bayard is a very nice cruiser. It’s basically Cleveland plus, but you don’t get radar. She performs well even in T10 matches!

World of Warships footage of the tier 8 French cruiser Bayard.
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  1. Not a big French cruiser fan, but I might actually grab one lol.

  2. Better than the Cleveland? Yea for the absurd price of $50 for the base model with NOTHING, I would hope so! Personally sick of the greed coming out of WG with their digital ship prices!

    • Hope you didn’t forget Montpelier. It’s a copy with a camo that Cleveland didn’t get.

    • No, just because you are paying through your nose doesn’t mean it should be better, since that would be p2w.

    • @Snagabott Let me see if I get your logic… a game I can play for free and grind to get the Cleveland without spending a dime vs an over priced variant that I have to pay for in your opinion does not need to be better according to your logic. Yea…. OK…. Sure….

    • @Kevin Morrison Correct. Not only does it not _need_ to be better, it _shouldn’t_ be better.

      WG is obviously free to do whatever they want with their game, but if the premium ships are consistently better than the non-prems, I would leave the game. So would most other players. You would be left fighting bots with that $50 prem of yours.

      On the other hand, prems need to be interesting to get sold at all. So there is a balancing act there. If the ship is on par with tech tree ships, but there are some tradeoffs so that it isn’t necessarily outright better (some things would be better, others worse), that would be ideal.

      In all fairness, that _is_ actually what WG is trying to do. Sometimes they fail (Nikolai, Belfast, Stalingrad comes to mind), sometimes “negative” power creep makes one ship that was balanced OP (eg Kamikaze R), but most of the time they get it mostly ok.

    • @Snagabott I would agree but they should have something different to offer. I will stand corrected because you are spot on and they should not be “better”.

  3. A trash ship! How do you dare compare it to a Cleveland? No radar or armor ! Trash reload! Trash overall. No point in having the French DD line. They are unusable.

    • There are so much of them, i wonder, they have no work to do on weekends?

    • You sure don’t like your Baguettes, herr

    • @Adrien Hemon you have nothing of value to share with us so you resort to childe level of potential insult. Try harder and next time make me feel the passion behind it. Your only capable of copy paste. Medical fact all humans lose about a few thousand cells per day you might lear something kido if would have attended school instead of getting education from YouTube !

    • lol, your comment was the epitome of bad faith, no actual arguments just emotionally charged declarations. And now you expect people to argue with you? Nah I think we’ll just poke fun at you for being monumentally salty about something as well as monumentally wrong.

  4. “Bye R” the D is silent

  5. You underplayed the lack of armour quite significantly. This ship is a glass vessel and inexperienced players are going to get owned playing this.

  6. Shitty Pony OC Recolor

    lmao, watching that yoshino trying to warn the akizuki in chat followed by the friendly fire disciplinary action notification was great

  7. Fancy a Bev Mate?

    Most players completely miss the play style of the martel it’s 203 start huge fires and the ap…wow indeed! Like in wot the only way to play French is to keep moving! Fit ranked speed boost and play like a huge khabba 😉 when speed boost runs out after over 3 minutes play smart and wait for speed boost again. Ps I much preferred non reloaded martel with 10 sec reload and is still the most OP cruiser in the game in my opinion. Love being low tired even tier 10 keep zig zagging with speed boost and most shots will miss 😉 regularly hit like in Cleveland 100k in tier 10 games. Epic epic ship the martel. Cheers

  8. Yes not for virgins but great ship lots of fun kicks ass over the Cleveland

  9. Тимми Барч

    No “First blood” award?

  10. 4:28 Fire does not discriminate, a tier is just a number

  11. 4:03 “Zwei minute’s..” Zwei? You speaking german? 😀

  12. This thing has more guns that are bigger and reloads faster than the Mogador thats a tier higher. WG magic.

  13. I got 137k in my first game in her; however, I made the mistake of giving broadside to a Des Moines. As Jingles says, “That’s a Paddlin””. Also, you need to look at Flamu’s newest review on Colbert if you think that a cruiser can’t take on multiple opponents. Totally poison.

  14. Nu mai zambi base, ca nu e nimic amuzant aici!

  15. wow looking at the scoreboard? I assume that the higher the tier, the more useless the players are

  16. compared to a kutuzov eeehm better buy it now before they remove her 😛

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