World of Warships – French Cruiser Adjustments

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French Cruisers received some adjustments recently and I discuss exactly what changed with each tier. The game in the background is the Henri IV with the changes and the ship is actually pretty good. The improved penetration damage is welcomed, they also improved the speed boost consumable which is awesome. Overall I’m excited to check out more of the changes and hopefully this makes the line worthy of your time. I hope you have a wonderful day and see you out there!

Tier X French Cruiser Henri IV Replay


  1. make the speed boost 20%!!!!!

  2. Henri still has around 50% less AP DPS than Moskva while still having about 5-10% worse AP-Pen

  3. Notser, the tier 3 had the fire power of St Louis on a Tenryuu speed and torpedoes. It had 8 of the largest caliber cruiser guns in that tier on fast rotating turrets, the ship is the 2nd fastest at 30knots, and it had very powerful torpedoes as a back up. The armor and HP are very comparable to Tenryuu that has half the number of guns. I think the nerf is justified.

  4. wargaming is fucking company. they only need money. too much of it.
    always changing tanks and ships.
    i play for free. if i loose: no matter.

  5. the same guns than Des Moines with 14 sec reload

  6. – Notser makes content leveling valid criticism at WGs WIP ships
    – WG releases WIP patch addressing criticism
    – Notser makes new content complaining that now his old content is irrelevant because WG listened…

    just… wtf?

  7. The Hungry Wolf 足柄

    La Galissonnière didn’t seem that OP. It actually looked pretty solid and fun for its tier. Now I am not so sure anymore as 7.5 to 10 RoF is quite a massive (33%) DPM nerf.

  8. 11:47 Actually Notser, the Henri IV only has better shell velocity than the Des Moines and Minotaur. It DOES have the heaviest shell at 485 pounds! But all the rest are 920 meter/sec above! Zao is the heaviest 203mm shell at 342 pounds, AND has 920 meter/sec velocity, Hindenburg is the lightest 203mm shell at 269 pounds roughly, but has 925 meter./sec velocity. And Moskva has the highest velocity and second highest weight now, a 388 pound shell at 985 meters/sec!

    So while the Henri shells have been improved, they still don’t seem too impressive for the RoF – and the AP shells STILL seem to either citadel or overpen! Like I have only seen maybe 1 or 2 regular AP pens, rest have been over pens – so something with the detonator fuse timing is wrong still IMO – anyway!

    I mean it just really sucks when you compare it against the Hindenburg that WILL do lots of regular penetration damage, with 12 high velocity low arc shells at long ranges even – and it HURTS! The Des Moines has the best PERFORMING 203mm AP in that it is less likely to bounce, and has incredibly good deck penetration at range. And the Zao – it is VERY similar to the Moskva in regards to AP, just not quite as extreme as the Moskva – both can citadel a broadside Yamato reliably at 10 km or so, farther with Moskva than Zao but Zao is still great at it – and BOTH of their AP shells do regular pen damage much more frequently – than what it would SEEM than the Henri IV’s 240mm 485 Pound AP shells do even after the “fix”.

    And that is not even trying to compare to the 115 pound, 851 to 762 Meter/sec (on Neptune and Minotaur) 152mm Royal Navy AP shell that does regular pen damage against everything there is, and does it insanely fast and reliably.

    Again from what I have seen I am STILL not really impressed – I still see no reason to grind to get this thing. It REALLY NEEDS better AP still, that will at VERY LEAST do reliable regular pen damage MUCH more frequently than it does! I mean AGAIN I think of how my Kutuzov can do MASSIVE AP broadside damage – do it reliably and do it quickly! Where Henri, well it CAN do a LOT of alpha – but you seem to need a LOT of luck – which for such a low RoF is just unacceptable. When you could play the Zao, and deal 1122 damage per HE shell from 12 guns every 13 seconds with EXTREME accuracy and velocity, OR you could play the Minotaur and deal 1023 damage per AP shell from 10 guns against any broadside target, with a stock 3.2 second reload! And mind you the Minotaur HAS VERY SIMILAR ARMOR ALTOGETHER! And it gets SMOKE!

    Oh and Henri – has the WORST AA by FAR!! Even with Defensive fire it is not as good as the Minotaur is AT ALL TIMES!

    So even with these MINOR changes, I can still see no reason whatsoever to want this line of cruisers, and I KNOW I was VERY skeptical of the Royal Navy cruisers with AP only at first, but this is a TOTALLY different kettle of fish! It is a kettle of ROTTEN fish! These ships all have AP and HE – which is normal, but then they have NO armor, NO real specialty, and really nothing that makes them stand out against the MANY choices we already have! When it came to the Royal Navy Cruisers, I was doubtful BECAUSE of the AP only thing, but here I am doubtful of the french because they really do NOT excel in any single way that matters, and have many other weaknesses other cruisers do not have!

    I think the ONLY reason the Royal Navy cruisers have less armor is because they only have, what 16mm bow armor? Which is easily over-matched, otherwise their Citadel Protection is ALMOST THE SAME! But the Brits actually have the citadel MUCH lower too! And again, SMOKE!

    *Rant Over*

  9. Notser you don’t have to apologise when Wargaming change something that they and you have labelled a work in progress. I for one hoped Wargaming would change the french cruiser based on your (and others) review of how weak they were. Don’t feel bad when they change ships that you have labelled on the screen work in progress. You’re very clear that these ships could change and surprise surprise they did. It’s just the new reality.

  10. @Notser how is french arc? i wonder if you can play french cruisers like the USN CAs

  11. Explanations about the nerfs and buffs of the French CL.
    The ROF they had before this patch was the ROF that was expected as designed. However, in practice they had a lower ROF due to some flaws or malfunctions in the designs. The real effective ROF were as follow :

    1) Guns on the Bougainville had an effective ROF of 8-12 rpm (the gun itself had a ROF of 12-15 rpm).
    Giving it 10 rpm in game is actually a good balance (note those are the same guns on the French large DD)

    2) Guns on the Jurien had an effective ROF of 3 rpm… (buffing it up to 6.5 rpm is just for balance purpose)

    3) Guns on the Friant had an effective ROF of 5-6 rpm (8 rpm was planned) IMHO, i think 5 rpm is a too big nerf. it is the same caliber as the tier 1 and giving it the same ROF as the tier 4 which has 6 inch guns is stupid. 6 rpm would be better.

    4) Guns on the Duguay-Trouin had an effective ROF of 3-5 rpm (6 rpm was planned). 5 rpm is actually a reasonable balance.

    5) Guns on the Emile Bertin and La Galissonnière are the exact same and had an effective ROF of 5-8 rpm (8 rpm was planned but in reality it was closer to 5 rpm).
    However some La Galissonnière class ships did manage to attain the 8 rpm ROF in battle.
    I think giving them both 6 rpm would be better (or 6 rpm for Emile and 6.5 for Galy).
    Sources ( )

    Overall, this patch fixed some major earlier problems (mostly for the late tiers CA) and rebalance the earlier tiers (even if some have been nerfed too much in my opinion). But some minors and majors stats still need to be addressed :

    – The reload time of the torpedoes of every cruisers needs to be buffed.
    French torpedoes were lighter and way less numerous (half the number !) than the Japanese. Yet in game they are longer to reload (90 sec !) It should be buffed somehow like this : 19D (1,830 kg) —> ~70 sec, 23DT (2,068 kg) —> ~75 sec (only 2×3)
    Sources (, )

    – A new torpedo should be given to the tier 9 and 10 : the 44(D?)
    According to sources, in 1944 an oxygen-fueled turbine engine was produced for this 550mm torpedo with the following stats : 3 km at 55 knots (75 knots in game) and 18 km at 40 knots (60 knots in game)
    If we look at the two performances and do the math, we see that for each knot gained we lose 1 km of range.
    So we have a very pratical formula of “+1 knot/ – 1 km” to balance this torp.
    For exemple 9 km at 70 knots or 13 km at 65 knots.
    Sources ( )

    -The AA of Henri 4 needs a huge buff.
    Right now, the post-war 57mm/60 radar-guided, fully automated AA guns of the Henri 4 have the same stats than the old 40mm/56 AA guns, and it has only 16 of them… This is absurd ! It should have at least the same stats than the German 55mm.
    Source ( )

    – HE alpha damage of the French Heavy Cruisers needs a buff.
    They have the second heaviest 8 inch HE shell in the game (123,82 kg). First are the Japanese with 125,85 kg (155 kg for Zao). So it should have near the same HE alpha damage than the Japanese right ?
    However in game, Japanese HE = 3300 dmg, French HE = 2800 dmg… the same amount than American HE which have a lighter shell (118 kg !). French CA should have over 3000 HE alpha damage.
    Sources ( )

    – HP pool of the Algérie needs a buff.
    Algérie had a standard displacement of 10000 tons and a full load displacement of 13641 tons.
    The Pensacola had a standard displacement of 9100 tons and a full load displacement of 11512 tons.
    However in game, Pensacola first hull 31900 hp —> Algérie first hull 29700 hp WTF ?! O_o
    Also Pensacola top hull 34300 hp —> Algérie top hull 35600 hp (Algérie has 2129 tons more and it gains only 1300 more hp) Myoko had a full displacement of 14980 tons and in game has 39200 hp (1339 tons more than the Algérie, yet Myoko has 3600 more hp, nearly 3 times more than the difference between Algérie and Pensacola !!!)
    Sources (,, )

    – Armor protection of the Heavy Cruisers needs some tweaks (Especially Henri 4).
    Henri 4 deck armor from 25 mm to at least 27mm.
    Algérie deck armor from 22mm to at least 25mm. (some sources say it had a wooden upper deck of 50mm)
    Saint Louis armor needs a huge buff because it doesn’t correspond to the required protection of the ship accepted in 1940 :
    turret frontal armor 210 mm (not 140), belt armor between 120 and 150 mm (not 100), deck armor at least 27 mm (not 25).
    Also It should have a full load displacement of around 17000 tons (not 16000), so over 42000 HP (not 40900), an engine power of 130000 shp (not 120000) and a top speed of 34 knots (not 33)
    Sources (,, )

    -(optional) Emile Bertin could receive the speed boost since it was officially the fastest cruiser ever build by France with a record of 40.2 knots ( )

    Hope it helped =)

  12. The buffed shells seem to do well, even if I’m still finding them lacking penetration the Moskva or Des Moines has; the shells just seem…sluggish. The Des Moines has rainbow arcs but they drop like a hammer downward at long range…the Henri IV shells just seems to ‘float’. Least the HE isn’t shattering all the time and HE alpha is quite good.

  13. 13:33 notser german cruisers have turtleback

  14. Émile Bertin: a T5 light cruiser with 12 seconds reload? Doesn´t sound good.

  15. When you talk in your videos, it sounds like your talking to a 4 year old.

  16. Radioactive Twinkie

    “There are a lot of changes. It basically made all my content in the last 5 days irrelevent. I can’t control this. I wish WG would give me something closer to what it’s suppose to be” ~ why bother watching past this point? Obviously there will be many changes and yes it will make some content irrelevent but really? Next time don’t make premature videos about ships? You know that none of the stats are final so why do all the youtubers post videos on FIRST ITTERATIONS of new lines when they KNOW it will get changed and then complain about it in a later video.

  17. Good thing they buffed the USN cruiser not too long ago or then there would really be no reason to play them XD

  18. is that cruiser faster than the shima lol

  19. no notser your talking is fine its bullshit what they are talking about.


  20. over 40knots? thats complete nonsense. fastest heavy cruiser went 37 knots and this ship is suppose to have displacement over 20 000t so no way she could ever reach that. other than that there is simply no need for her to be so absurdly fast. another stupid feature which has no justification – same with british cruisers who dont loose speed at turns and accelerate like in vacuum for no reason

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