World of Warships – French Cruiser Critique

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So I’ve been playing a fair bit of Cruisers and I have interests in sharing my thoughts. The line is consistent but it is consistently underpowered when it comes to damage output. I don’t think the velocity of the guns is to blame, perhaps not even the rate of fire. The shells seem to shatter more often then comparable cruisers, I try out IFHE to see if it makes a difference. Funny enough IFHE actually helps out quite a bit and that is a bad sign, this will be the first line released with IFHE in the game. I hope this can be interesting and hope you have a wonderful day!

Tier X French Replay


  1. They can’t be that fast notser, IJN dds get outpaced as it is, no way they can torp now is CCs can charge them down at 40 knots.

  2. Cool, British cruisers aren’t looking so bad, now 🙂

  3. It will take me minimum two months to reach T10. Why is no one reviewing the lower tiers, which we will get first? The high tier fail-ships will get re-balanced anyway till most of the players reach them.

  4. The tier 2 ship looks really damn cool I can’t be the only person who thinks that 🙂

  5. TheGuardianofAzarath

    Hm, looks like I won’t be grinding the french cruisers then, another line of oversized destroyers with citadels, at least they don’t have smoke. Shame we still can’t do anything with that sub sat in port.

  6. Only Yuro is manly enough to play Minotaur radar.

  7. How about the speed boost allows the cruisers to stay at max speed even while manuvering. like that’ll be pretty cool

  8. As far as I remember, shell hit the waterline under gun turret will result in citadel hit on any ship with proper shell and impact angle.

  9. The Fact that 9 240mm guns cant penetrate a broadside on crusier is just fucking sad. Unless they change this line quick it’s going to become unplayable!

  10. You should have also mentionned that the armor scheme and stats of all heavy cruisers is wrong.
    Why WG decided to give them such a huge and obvious weakspot that prevents them to tank effectively how they should ?
    Why did they rendered there frontal and deck armor so weak that no matter how angled you are, you will take lots of damage ?
    Looking at what was planned, the Saint Louis should be very close to the Baltimore but here it’s way worse !
    None of the stats, aside the guns layout, match to what was ordered by the admiralty for that ship in 1940…

  11. I was having a mediocre Minotaur game, team failing, out of smoke, basically worst case scenario. Decided to go HAM, rushed a Yamato, dropped point blank torps for the kill, swiveled and got double strike on a dd, proceeded to kill another 3 ships for a kraken. Game was still a loss, but smoke is overrated 🙂

  12. is it a AA monster?

  13. Well….. I’ll stay with Germany XD

  14. The real April Fools Prank done by WG for 2017 is how bad the French Cruisers are.

  15. Microwave Wizard

    Henry can have 240mm canons that dont do shit, but Moskva can have 220mm railguns. Balans)))))))))))))))) comrade ;D

  16. Will Italian ships be better or suck as well?

  17. “better buckle up!” Hahaa! Brian Regan says to do the same thing if your doctor tells you that you’re about to feel some “pressure.”

  18. I HAVE A SUBMANRIN IN WOS??? How did this not get announced on your channel?… n second though April fools joke maybe.. but still i have it

  19. Notser can you do a video with some tips for BBs and Cruisers what to do after 0.6.3, and range modules for JPN and US BBs, and commander skills, i have some confusion what to take right now and what modules to put on my Colorado, New Mexico and Ibuki…

  20. thats their historical speed, we should be glad that they have at least the boost

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