World of Warships – French Cruiser Update!

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“Work in progress” they said. “All stats subject to change” they said. And then five hours after I uploaded my first they changed them. Pfft!


  1. Will jingles ever show War Thunder again? Will tier X light tanks ruin WoT? Will I ever get out of the salt mines?
    All of this, and more, at your daily salt mine show every week (shut up scrub)!

  2. Henri Quatre. Not Henri le Quatre. 🙂

  3. TheNecromancer6666

    They get the french exclisive White Flag consumable. When you turn away from enemy ships you get a 20% speedboost. If the enemy ship is German it gives a 50% speed boost.

  4. 2:12 do you think that pilot is compensation for something?

  5. I’m getting tired of this WIP crap. First it was the RNCL line, then the KM DD line, now the French CL/CAs. WG knows that the contributors are huge visibility for their game, they really need to knock this off.

  6. Just call it the Henry the Fourth. French is a silly language, an elaborate plot to make foreigners the butt-end of a joke only the French understand. “Croissant” is definitive proof. Normal languages don’t have words with half the letters silent, and letters in their pronunciation that aren’t even in the word.

  7. The tier 7 ship has the name of my country. Algeria. in french its Algerie. i guess thats because france occupied algeria during ww2

  8. Meanwhile at Wargaming: “Good God! Jingles can play a whole new line effectively! We must Rebalance it Immediately!”

  9. They are nerfing them ? NERFING them ? Muhahahahah.
    I wasn’t sure to play the line, guess I won’t bother now (or have less incentive to do).
    2 second reload time… That wasn’t the real problem. Speedboost is still the most useless consumable out there by far, they could buff it to gove 40% speed increase and it STILL wouldn’t make a real impact on the ship’s performance (unless you yolo cap then die for extra score at the match’s end).

  10. Meanwhile, the russian cruisers set everything on fire with one hit after tier 6……

  11. 12 second reloads? FUCK THE FRENCH, WHERE ARE MY BRITISH BBs?

  12. Beneteus der graue Wolf

    what the shells dont surrender anymore in midair? no withe flags inducing drag?

  13. So they nerfed the low tier fun :/

  14. ;_; why is everyone bullying my country? FeelsBadMan

  15. Can’t have a line be competitive with the Russians 😉

  16. Amazing how those light cruiser 6″ guns with their once piece, easy to handle shells are now slower to reload than the two piece 8″ which requires heavy machinery to shift round……

    Seriously WG – try planning these ship releases so that you actually have time to test & finalise things. Is no one in WG embarassed about how incompetent the last line & premium ship releases make you look??

  17. well, you know i have to ask this ……..

    will the french cruisers get the engine boost for reverse? xD

  18. jingles this is my best game so far
    1:17:20 to 1:24:04

  19. Dear Jingles: Quatre is pronounced “cat.” I am not making that up.

  20. Welp this ruined the low tier French cruisers for me if this stays

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