World of Warships – French Cruisers

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Cruisers were just teased and I discuss the excitement around the ships they showed off. I’m sure many are also excited to discuss what the images reveal. I go through tiers 1 through 10 and try to figure out exactly what the identity of the line is before we get any real information. Hope this was interesting and hope you have a wonderful day!

Tier X French Replay


  1. Wrong flag used. French flag is supposed to be 100% white.

    And legend said that French ships move faster reversing.

    French ships surrender automatically when flanked by German ships.
    British ships can TK friendly French ships without receiving any penalty.

  2. Do they surrender once they’re spotted?

  3. Being a french speaker, the community contributors will provide lots of entertainment trying to pronounce their names. From what i gather, 5 of these ship are paper vessels or made up. Your pronunciation of Emile Bertin is quite good, a lot of people would mistakenly say Emiley instead of Emil

  4. Friant looks like it has 4 guns not 3



    No, but seriously, read about that guy if you ever get the chance, comment section.

  6. I’m french it’s christmas !!!

  7. That is in fact an anchor on the bow of the tier 10 ship.

  8. Melonic Randomizer

    You could have reseached the real ships and make speculations out of that, to example how long they are, how many guns they have…

  9. Friant actually has 8 guns, Notser..!

  10. Tiers 5 and up come with the “scuttle” consumable

  11. Italian cruiser Duca D’aosta is incoming guys!!!

  12. Looks like light cruiser to tier 6 and heavy cruiser from 7 up – so similar set up to US line, but with torps.

  13. Bas Van De Kreeke


  14. The French Cruisers have a unique consumable. Instant Surender.

  15. US Tanker: “I drive a T34.”
    Russian Tanker: “I drive T-34 also, comrade.”

    US Captain: “I command the St. Louis.”
    French Captain: “I retreat in my Saint Louis.”

  16. Dear Notser.
    Congratulations on making your entire french audience stand for your video 🙂

  17. Where the f**k are my British Battleships???

  18. When are they going to come out with Italian ship lines?

  19. Half of those ships had a 2nd rear turret man.

  20. What a muppet. Make a video on FN CL & too lazy to learn correct pronunciation. History so bad not even a connection between Algeria & France. Shameful. Should charge you for this educational comment.

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