World of Warships – French Destroyer Preview – WiP

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The trend continues.


  1. A Man of Culture

    Overall this line doesn’t inspire me at all, back when they had better detection they looked fun but after all of the nerfs the T8,9 and 10 look meh

  2. But what if I gotta go fast?

  3. *Gotta go fast* (insert sonic meme here)

  4. the french high tier cruisers are so overbuffed now. These destroyers seem very fun as long as there‘s no carrier involved.

    • So long as you’re not getting focused they can be fun in any match. The guns are still surprisingly bad, though

  5. Actually I was looking forward to these … but Friesland took the concept in a much more interesting direction and has less vulnerabilities (planes) in exchange for the torpedoes ….

  6. Reload Booster makes MOST SENSE on a Battleship. So Jean Bart and Borgougne are the TWO ships that stand to benefit FANTASTICALLY from Main Battery Reload booster.

    • Reload Booster makes absolutely no sense on a battleship. How do you reload a gun faster than it can be brought back into reload position?

      Jean Bart and Borgougne are just lazy ways of putting premiums in the game without actually having to work for it. Take an existing ship, up it one tier, add gimmick and cha-ching!

      Come to think of it… Smokes were used in rl, radar was used, the engine could be pushed above recommended limits (if you were brave enough), sonar was used, jury rigging repairs were common (though the RN version of it where you essentially bring a ship all the way back is a bit questionable) and obviously damage control was mandatory training…. but a way to prioritize reload? Maybe you could stash ammo in an unsafe way, but that tended to end with a violent boom. All the other consumables are gamey nods to stuff in one way or another could be important at sea, but the reload booster isn’t.

    • MBRB is even worse on battleships. It’s a zero disadvantage consumable that makes an already strong ship excessive. The inclusion of that on the JB and Burger alone should indicate that balance is far less important than pushing a ship out for sale.

  7. Thoughts on Aigle?

  8. Praise the horn

  9. Oo I’ve just realized that Pépé has a french accent in english, is accent is Italian in french

  10. That point where your ships almost has more funnels than main guns….

  11. Yay……noyay :/

  12. Maybe just me but I cannot understand why on earth instead of tweaking the MBRB they keep nerfing the base reload. It’s would be as easy as make the MBRB take the reload down by 33% or 25% and keep the base reload in a decent state. Probably WG is blinding by how much JB or Henri excell and want to the the same for the little DDs but it just won’t work. Stop balancing AROUND the consumabled and balance the consumables themselves!

  13. GamingWithFlowmar81

    I have a solution that could fix the issue. Since French DDs have terrible concealment and no smoke, what if they reduced the time of the gun bloom from 20 seconds, to 10 on the French DDs? They could also reduce the air detection on these DDs by a whole bunch to alleviate the issue with CVs.

  14. I honestly think that WG keeps thinking of the games in light of ‘balanced’ MM… something that they cannot EVER guarantee. This is both a blessing and a curse. As noted by several people, if no carrier, the FR DDs *can* become fun, and are reliant upon player skill as well as situational awareness / map awareness. Therefore, the skill ceiling is fairly high. However, the floor, as designed, is not (anyone can jump in a DD and go die in the first 60 seconds). But the impact to a team is fairly high.
    Now, with CVs, it almost always comes down to which team has a better CV driver. And in this case, with no way for LOS breaks, the FR DDs come out worse. So with CVs in play, the skill ceiling for FR DDs is almost unreachable, and the floor becomes the Marianas trench!
    But… but BALANS! Yeah, I am fairly certain that with bots in play (automated testing), and ‘almost equal’ skill-level CVs, the FR DDs may seem fine, but in reality, it is going to be yet another crapshoot with wild balance swings as the ships are buffed / nerfed wildly in knee-jerk reactions (AA Rework! CV Rework!) until at some point they either auto-stabilize or everyone abandons them and calls anyone playing them heretics.
    But we’ll see.

  15. I can agree more with you about MBRB and the French line… stupid WG things.

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