World of Warships – French “Dunkirk” Cruisers and Updated Visuals in 0.11.2

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Quick rundown of French “Dunkirk” Cruisers and initial thoughts on available information plus some updated visuals for 0.11.2. Thanks for watching, please let me know your thoughts in the comments and have a wonderful day.


  1. 4:49 Whoa! It’s an uglier Izumo.

  2. “added realsim”? you mean like super fast submerged subs? aircraft carriers that are rarely sunk by fires?
    BTW many many carriers sank due to uncontrolled fires reaching the ammo and fuel stores.

  3. Those French super cruisers have improved secondary accuracy like Napoli but idk if it’s as accurate

  4. Going from tier IX to tier X, you go from 2×4 330mm guns in an amazing configuration to 3×3 330mm guns in a far inferior configuration. You get a worse gun configuration for just one additional gun… I feel like the tier IX might be better than the tier X unless the other features (like secondaries, anti-air, etc.) make up for that drop in configuration, otherwise losing tier 9 matchmaking for that seems meh. The premium is completely overpowered however. My biggest gripe with this new line is they still haven’t fixed the fact the legendary commander does not fit very well with French ships (in fact, he would be better in any nation other than France and would be completely overpowered if he was Japanese).

  5. Finally, the smoke hangs around like it’s supposed to!

  6. 2:10 well. A battlecruiser than can outspot almost all cruiser in the game

  7. What a waste of development resources. Pocket battleships with cruiser armor, T5 guns, and can’t kite.
    Imagine working on this knowing damn well no one will play it competitively.

    • There are many ships that are not competitive, I definitely am questioning the choices made but we are a long way from release. I assume something will change since the design is so unique, probably underpowered for testing is my guess.

  8. G’day Notser! Great video as usual. May I ask what software you use for the close up camera views of the ships? It was an amazing view of the ships that really enhanced your presentation.

    • The video shots are provided by Wargaming in their media kit, I’m not sure what tool they are using for the camera shots. I will ask them and see if they can give me a answer.

  9. Dunkirks with less armor?

  10. How could Dunkerque looks more advanced then these high tier ships. I’m french and i never saw these plan before and i think this is a creation of wargaming and its reallly bad.

    • Apparently these designs come from the 1920s as a theoretical response to Washington naval treaty but who the hell knows if any of it is real. I’m curious to see how they play and fit into the French fleet

    • @Notser Yeah you are probably right. It just looks kinda outdated but on the other hand the stats looks very good.

  11. Man the gun powder smoke looks really dope, Which proves once again that Art Department do carries this game insanely hard.

  12. Thanks Nots…these monsters will be pretty interesting to play. Fires and high conceal will keep them in check.

  13. Nice video Notser. I absolutely love the close up camera views they are magnificent.

  14. Oh boy Lightning are they Trying to chase me away from the game if I have a seizure do to the lightning can I sue them there is a reason I play WOWS and the lack of flashy flashy is the main reason

  15. Robert Charles Sullivan

    Will WG ever bring Kamikaze planes into game Noster?.

  16. For me the whole point of having battlecruisers was that you could get an extra lower-grade battleship for your team because it goes in a cruiser slot. Then people are like but so-and-so is much better battlecruiser, yeah but it’s taking up a battleship slot, depriving the team of a full sized chunkier battleship.

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