World of warships – French kiss

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  1. Nice torp beats…lol

  2. Love it.

  3. did he sue you? ^^

    nice one for good entertainment!

  4. Confused Blue Dragon

    “You put this on Youtube I’ll sue you…!”

    *(Proceeds to upload onto Youtube)*

  5. I have always found this ship beautiful the moment I discovered the paper design online over a decade ago.
    You couldn’t get a ship more sleeker looking than this.

    Unfortunately the truth is that France at the time couldn’t afford building her because she was deemed too big and expensive.

    Out of the 3 designs that would have been Alsace the smallest design was chosen over the one playable in WoW.
    The design that was chosen for construction was a French version of the Roma using Richelieu’s guns.
    (The medium design would have had 9 X 406 mm guns but was rejected because R&D of new guns required time and money)
    Even when intelligence about Hitler’s new H39 (Friederich de Grosse) battleships reached the French they still didn’t want to commit themselves to an expensive naval race.
    Instead opting to respond to Italian naval developments and leaving Britannia to counter anything the Germans built.

    • Kristof Kolumbus

      @VuHien2011 – somebody from brange ( automotive 😉 ) There is no better example, that you used :))) Thumbs up bro !!! All in all, the JPN automobile industry is falling for decades – Nissan – a respectable mark 20 years ago, now together with Nissan omfg… And their “premium” brands like Infinity (Nissan), Accura ( Honda ), Lexus ( Toyota ) – I just cannt find kind words for them either 😉

    • I was half assleep earlier but still i think some of my points still stand. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder all the way. If you tell me that you find a beige volvo a pretty sight to look at, for as hilarious as that would be for me to listen, ultimately i would have to accept that for you this is a reality. I think you misunderstood me too, I meant that these days all cars are ugly regardless of origin.

    • I disagree on that. Even Korean and US cars made huge progresss in the recent years. European cars are the best looking cars as always. Only Japanese cars do not progress.Wake up! Volvo are no longer boxy as they used to be. And nobody forces you to buy beige. Back to the original post, many IJN BBs are ugly because for some reasons they need that pagoda tower that is totally disproportional compared to the rest. The Izumo must be one of the ugliest ship in the whole game.

    • well if we r talking about BBs than I think IJN are actually cute, not pretty though. Really the only BB line that i find some propper nice looking ships is the german one. The other lines get to be “meh” at best. I do find Nagato nice to look at… Gneisenau makes me question my sexuality…

    • the pagoda is a disqualifying factor for IJN BBs. German or late US BBs are nice looking. The Alsace and Richelieu/Dunkerque are nice looking. The Roma is not bad looking either.

  6. ahh well, so I’m not the only one having this experience about the FPS drops xD good to hear…exactly as you described in the beginning of the game…

  7. On the topic on people having premiums. From a gameplay perspective i do think that it makes sense for people to have to wait somewhat before buying premiums, maybe until they’ve played a certain amount of games in the tier that they want to buy a premium in, so they at least have some idea of how that tier plays. Putting just a numbers of games played wall, like you mentioned 500-1000 games, will just make it impossible for actually competent players that just doesn’t have the time, like me, to get a premium, which is not a good thing.

    I for example have just about 300 games but play better than a lot of people with 1’000+ games under their belt. If I couldn’t have bought premiums I would have probably left the game over a hundred battles ago because an arbitrary limitation has been put on me buying premium ships that I like, all just because of a lack of time.

    And playing devils advocate for a bit as well. From a business perspective it makes no sense to put such a block in the game. Wargaming is a for-profit company, so of course their main goal is to make money. Therefore it makes sense for them to allow anyone to buy these premium ships.

  8. Yessss !! you got a french ship’s name right ! Congrats 😀

  9. I have almost as much fun watching your videos as you do playing the game! ? Thanks

    • That’s great to hear 😉

    • I’d say even more fun. No fear of being reported for playing (yeah, even just playing sometimes gets you a report) and if it’s a shit game you can always go back to port without losing anything 😉 .

  10. That Lemming Torpedo Beat with the NC… LMAO

  11. I would have Alt+f4 and uninstalled if I was that shima after both BB’s dodged a wall of torps because of an rng gap.

    • Ivan TheTerrrible

      I wouldn’t say RNG gap, it sure seems like that. Shima fired those torps at different angles, and it created opening at that particular distance. It was lucky moment for Flambass and that NC behind him. Great moment nevertheless.

  12. It’s nice to see your subscriber base climb.

  13. Rodrigo Escudero

    I thought the FPS problem was from my shity PC…anyone know if is a solution?

  14. Strong, hot, and ever-lasting French kissssssssss xD

  15. Kristof Kolumbus

    7:55 and the minute you are talking about Alsace and Tirpitz… I think, thats the biggest compliment, that a single ship can achieve from you Flambass. I am in love with her from day one on PTS, or even more about a 10 years ago as i discowered her desighn while studied all the WWII BB designes. Bismarck class is beutifull while monumental / muscular. This ship is beautifull while her sleekness. She is just like an tall top Model :)))
    PS: Just looked once more at the scoreboard: You and 2nd Alsaces – Top in your team, their Alsace on top of their team… No other words to tell about the ship… 🙂

  16. First I thought a mod is causing me to have to stare at the ass of my ship for 10 seconds every start of a battle. Then you said it happens for you, too, so I didn’t try to find an offending mod.
    Then I thought a mod is causing the huge frame drops after a few games (6-8; so about 2 hours in). Now you say you have that, too. So again, apparantly no need for me to go buggy mod hunting (which would be really annoying if you have to wait for two hours to see if something made a difference).
    Why does WG fuck up almost every patch when it comes to performance? Port is already awfully slow (it takes 5 seconds for the campaigns screen to appear for example). I usually run at consistent 50+ FPS with most quality settings on medium or high, so it really shouldn’t be my PC that’s the problem.

  17. a nervous breakdown for the DD ! for all the french battleship who finished by E are like take make lake more the E is very light or mute the Aigle class is in french la class EGGL

  18. Jakub Trojanowski

    Did you saw last Flamu video about revarding positibe teamplay? Can you add some coments to that? Start discussion which will be heard at WG? Zdar

  19. Did he even see it yet?

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