World of Warships – French Pulverizer

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Sometimes all you have to do is stand your ground and delay the enemy push as much as you can, until your team clears the other side and comes to help you. Sounds like a good plan? Well there’s just 1 problem in it…..the “TEAM” part….what if you got no team……well then….just pulverize as many as you can before going down.
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. It’s that bloody boat game again…. erm wrong channel.

  2. Oh oui oui oui… Tu est un baguette thrower! Lol

  3. I love how this Ranked Sprint will ‘push’ the CCers more to the lower tiers.
    GJ, buddy!

  4. the salt has been strong with you lately Flambass 😛

  5. Flambass it’s PULL WAY RE SAY if you want to prononce easy 😁🇫🇷

  6. I love my isokaze (seal clubbin’) But I rarely get a good team in T5 matches. Bretagne is great ship with her guns, as is Iron Duke. Slow fat butts but we like big butts….? Lately I’ve had poor luck with mm in both lower an higher team matches. Why bother making 100k damage, if the team loses anyway :’/
    Thanks for the vid ^^,

  7. 8:46 r/nonononononononoyes

  8. This game is affecting your stress level man, leave it out for a couple of days 🙂

  9. The Budgie Admiral

    Had a similar game with my Omaha, 148k damage, 3 kills, 19 fires (60k In fire damage lululul) where all I did was camp behind an island in epicenter. Still lost though. Meh. :/

  10. Flambass went to brown alert when the mutsuki came around the corner 😀

  11. Lol That surprise Mutsuki (romulan cloaking device confirmed)… Bashing the table…

    But Flambass survived.

    • GREED killed Mutsuki. He tried two different kills, got zero and died. Still, bloody lucky Flambass again… he had that DD on his minimap since at least 7:00 but he was focused on BBs.
      About the loss, he did not communicate his plan to the team, let the cruisers get focused due to “you are the big bad BB and should show presence to scare the enemy away”, but he’s early on already a secondary target. What’s the point doing huge amounts of damage if you don’t play the Wows chess game?
      I also noticed he says “and the carrier doesn’t give a shit”… when the carrier is spotting DDs and Danae. It also looks very much like the Zuiho runs north because she sees Danae and the DD rushing her. It ultimately kills her, but who chose to shoot the easier, fat targets providing lots of damage rather than nuke the Danae and Kuma early game? He kills Kuma later, but only because that Kuma makes multiple bad mistakes.
      Over all, he looks in this game like many players who rack up great amounts of XP and kills but ultimately cause part of the defeat.
      Plus, the extremely high level of Flambass often seem to blind him to the fact other ships may:
      – be stock and need help (at any tier, is true)
      – run 1 pt captain and need help (more often true than we think… I wonder if stats are available on the average captain value relative to win rate)
      – be run by new players and need help (at tier 5, sounds likely)

    • It’s also clear that the Orion and Nicholas start by respectively pushing and spotting, and Orion gets abandoned by his teammates, Flambass among them, and nuked by an airstrike. He cannot turn because he’d be broadside to multiple enemies, has insufficient air power because he’s now alone. The Nicholas then disengages and goes to hunt DDs, but he has a Danae, a double DD and multiple BBs shooting him. Did I mention I think Flambass’ positioning, allowing him to shoot Wyoming for great damage but preventing him from killing Danae, is what loses the game ultimately? If you count:
      – Nicholas dies because of Danae alive
      – Zuiho runs because these DDs are a potent threat backed by a Danae
      – Orion dies because he’s alone
      – the other Orion is obviously very new or a potato. Sad. He’s irrelevant and eats torps.
      – Langley takes ages to realize he should move, but then again the choice is hard: stay in range of approaching BBs and CAs, or potentially get stuck in that clusterfuck of mini-islands with a bad agility, long ship when he knows there are two DDs around and the Bretagne is shooting south, and hence won’t be there to kill these DDs if they pop and torp. After all, Langley is top priority to any DD, which actually is what saves Flambass because, as I wrote, GREED.
      Over all, Flambass has much better shooting skills, but he makes terrible mistakes, and the game is won by the other team making slightly less mistakes.

  12. Man I really wanted that torpedo to hit. 😔

  13. Thanks man. That DD moment made my day

  14. I had really good results in the bretagne it was performing surprisingly good for me. I think the ship is often underestimated

  15. I think you made 2 critical mistakes. (1) Not switching to HE early against the Orion. (2) Moving out of your protected spot to chase/kill a hapless CV who basically ran out of planes. Better to kill Orion and then the Konig. GG otherwise.

  16. Regarding the jerk BB player who stuck to your ship, I deal with way worse than that. People push me out of my smoke or my solid obstacle. I also got shot in my smoke because people enter my smoke while getting shot at. As people can guess where they are in the smoke, they continue to shoot at those people but because of the dispersion, the shells end up landing on me.

  17. At 06:21 , I think the BB was aiming for the cruiser that past you, but not enough lead for fast moving cruiser and thus shells landed short.
    Or The alternative : He was aiming for you, but when the cruiser past between you and him the game auto targeted the cruiser and he fired at the Targeted cruiser and not at your BB (It can mess up the aim alot)

  18. I hope you are helping with the CV Beta tomorrow. I want to know your impressions both using and fighting against the rework.

  19. @flambass: You, Flamu, Notser, iChase and Jingles are the BEST cc’s. Not because you’re good, entertaining, and offer good advice… all don’t make fun of other players who are trying. You were offline and I started watching this guy called Generaldolt on Twitch. He did nothing but complain and defame all the players….name calling, blaming, making fun, being rude, unsupportive…..both his teammates and the enemy)……the whole time I was thinking, “Doesn’t he know that everyone is trying to play their best and none of this would be possible without them playing the game?”……..I took a screen shot of his name and asked chat how I could play against this guy. Luckily he’s On the NA server and I so look forward to pummel this guy into a block of salt with my Grober Kurfürst…….I will never give him monetary support and can only hope he realizes this is a community….we win lose have fun and get better….please don’t ever turn into a guy like Generalbolt…..I blocked him and can’t wait to send him to the ocean floor.

  20. Hello I am french et que la bataille commence et pourquoi mets tu ne jeu en Français ?

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