World of Warships – Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. I have a question: How do you handle toxicity in WOW?

    This question is something that has been a bane to me. I enjoy this game; playing in historical ships (and sinking and/or blowing them up), among other little things. I also unrelated to WOW is I have depression and anxiety. I do have fun with the game on a good day, but whenever the game gets toxic (misuse of chat box, players lashing out complaining about ensign players (borrowing Zoup’s term) even though they made the mistake, and just about any other form of unsporting behavior I can’t think off. Having D & P makes this very mentally and emotionally painful for me and more often than not kills the fun for me.

    Some things I do are mute said toxic players in chat, report them, or just all together ignore the chatbox (which then makes the problem of not communicating with the team, particularly in ranked matches), and sometimes I see the chatbox anyway, like when the all capped texts stand out to much.

    So I wanted your take on how to handle this virulent issue (btw, thnx for what you do).

    • Outstanding question. It’s a topic I deal with alot actually being that I myself suffer from depression, anxiety, and extremely low self esteem.
      I know it’s hard but I try and ignore it. If someone is just spamming you with hate and curse words and calling you all sorts of terrible things. Then remove yourself from that situation. Because no matter what caused them to do it, you don’t deserve that.
      Now if it becomes harrassment or threatening, that is the time to open a ticket and file a report. Take screenshots to document what was said, and let someone know. This is a game and you should be having fun, you deserve it.

    • Thanks for the fast reply and sage advice! Also if you ever need to talk, I’ll be here for you 🙂

    • Likewise

    • I try to add something positive to the game whenever I play. While it doesn’t end any toxicity that I run into, it helps me feel like I’m contributing to making the experience better. I have had games where I’ve complimented the guy to killed me in global chat or praised a teammate for a great move. I try to use up my allotted compliments every time I play and if I exit a game early (due to death) I try to do it right after I’ve said something positive so that’s the last thing I think about that round. I haven’t caught as much flak for it as I thought I might. I even had someone acknowledge that they were wrong when I called them out on being negative about another player.

      Every round is different and there are times that I come away from playing without feeling like I had much fun, but most of those are because I didn’t play well and we ended up losing (not just because of me). In those time, I usually end up posting, “Well played, reds.” If I can get somebody to post a “thanks” or “ty” I feel like I’ve at least done something positive. Even if it’s the enemy team.

    • Word. What I think could be something WG should do is turn the “pink” system into an incentive system. Like how it would work is every month you get a set amount of comp/reports like you do with every match. As such your karma goes up and down. For incentive, kinda like with the rewards for logging on, for good karma you get like little rewards at a certain time each week (something small like signals, camo, free xp, coal, etc.), while bad karma costs you credits or bans you from ranked or clan battles until your karma goes up.

      Not a perfect system, but I believe the idea is sound. If executed right, it could minimize the toxicity levels and encourage good, sporting behavior.

  2. I am sorry to be guilty of question 3. I shall repent of my ways and seek forgiveness. Keep up the good work.

  3. What is your name?
    What is your quest?
    What is the airspeed of an unladen swallow?

  4. Hahaha dude you’re last answer was great

  5. will there ever be submarines in the game? i think people just ask that to trigger you guys in the CC team and the dev team what i really want is light cruisers and heavy cruisers that dont have torps can lay mines

  6. Haha 3rd question made me smile as being quilty of it just few days back 😀 But when it comes to 5th question….aaaactually….are they not already there…or correct would be to say that they were there. There was this special event where we had a submarine for limited time. Was it aprils fools or something last year…can’t remember what event it was related too but it was there 🙂

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