World of Warships- Friendly Fire For Everyone

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Today I have a bunch of entertaining/funny moments from over the weekend with CV and Hunt, enjoy!

Outro Music- “Stranger Think” C418

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  1. Sea Lord I know you love your GK and I finally got mine yesterday, I’m absolutely in love with this ship. I just want to get everyone’s opinion on my build, it worked pretty well for myself last night, I was able to engage with a Montana, another BB, and a Japanese cruiser I can’t remember what the other two were but I sunk all three with some back line help from my team 60k dmg to both BBs and 30k to the cruiser.

    I’m running MA1,DC1,AS1,DC2,CS1,MB3

    Captain: EL, PM, EM, AR, HA, BS, AFT, MFCS

    My reasoning is to keep my secondaries long range and able to set fires consistently while doing the main damage with my guns. Being tanky with fire management instead of prevention because I’m going to get lit either way but this gives me more ability to manage it consistently. I didn’t see the need for concealment on my Ship because I use islands to get into position at the start of matches and 15.9 is good enough for me because if something is in range at that I’m firing my big guns any ways and tanking damage for my team.

    What are your thoughts?

  2. I’m glad you could laugh through all that friendly fire. I, on the other hand, would be livid.

  3. This was some quality entertainment

  4. Vasilis Diamantopoulos

    I know no Okhotnik, ’tis a battle canoe as per the Mighty Jingles! Merry Christmas Mountbatten!

  5. Ahhhh, just playing and having fun. Such a rarity in WoWs.

    While everyone is busy being a wannabe super unicum and competitive.

    (P.S: Cant be healthy for your own team tho lol)

  6. 20:13 nice Santa impression
    Merry Christmas my dude

  7. Love this style of mess ups. To many you tubers just show Thier best games. Brilliant great entertainment

  8. Glad to see it’s not just our clan that takes random potshots at each other for a laugh!

  9. William Taylor Payne

    Our Izumo that survived that mid rush on Two Brothers ended up ramming your Izumo at the end. That game was a giant meme.

  10. Graf Zep on two Bros. It could have farmed torps in channel rip

  11. 4:07 This happened as I successfully YOLOED a Izumo in My Bismarck, I adjusted to aim at the Alaska and then the Shira’s STUPID TORPEDOES killed me as I was healing

    naturally i was pissed

  12. Hey look its me: the mahan on two brothers map

  13. 16:48 heat seeking AP shells confirmed???

  14. Elizabeth McFarland

    I like how my wife and baby yoda was on youtube I forgot about that lul

  15. Elizabeth McFarland

    And that it logged me automatically into my wifes account

  16. Hearing Gone Beethoven

    the graf Zeppelin game with 2 close quarters is nasty. hahahaha

  17. 16:47 those shells know how physics work

  18. that was epic and happy Christmas

  19. which coal ship should i get?

  20. Lol…
    Merry Christmas to you all

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