World of Warships Friendly Fire is Gone

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Friendly fire is being removed from World of Warships. I am on the fence about this one. I see a lot of good coming from it, but also the possibility of it being abused. Time will tell, but it will be nice not eating friendly torps in WoWS. I want to hear your opinions on this one.

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  1. The big question is….Can we still try and bait CV’s into torping themselves. Asking for a friend lul

  2. Wonder if this change is being made to accommodate the Kitikami???

  3. Steven Wiederholt

    One thing I would like to see is consequences being reported. AFK, misbehavior in chat etc.

    • AFK? yeah, nah. plenty of reasons why a player can appear AFK when its beyond their control.
      Early on, I once racked up a 20 co-op only penalty because I wasn’t loading into the match. Many hours of resetting router and other internet checks, I found out I had to run the fix game command from the launcher to solve the problem.
      Having said that the game should know if all the players are actually loaded into a match or have their internet drop out.

    • joseph pallette

      Think about how many people get reported for absolutely nothing other than the fact that they didn’t do what mr know-it-all wanted them to? Adding actual consequences would be pointless.

    • Steven Wiederholt

      @joseph pallette
      Have you ever reported someone (for what ever reason)?

    • @Steven Wiederholt
      I report CV players all the time 😆

  4. You said it yourself. “Kitakaze”. I smell plans for an old model to be re-released. Milking time for the cash cows. Hold on to your wallets men!

  5. This is probably made exclusively for kitakami.

  6. i like the way it is now. you have to make good decisions to win not just fire at anytime.

  7. Maybe they make this change just to add Kitakami into the game XD

  8. Betcha it’s mostly about Kita coming back..

  9. This is the same mechanic that was introduced into World of Tanks sometime ago, so I’m surprised this wasn’t done a long time ago!

  10. I guess WG still needs to dumb down WOWS in the hope they keep their player base? I don`t think this change is necessary, friendly fire ads caution to the actions you make and therefore add depth to the game. Of course you always have the guy who isn`t that smart and hitting friendlies, but the karma system deals with that as well. I`ll definitely miss it if it goes away…

  11. Danie Jansen van Vuuren

    I think this tells us who wargaming’s target audience is. It’s definitely NOT the “thinking man’s game” anymore

  12. These rules are already in effect during Scenario operations. So on the balance I think it’s a good think.

  13. Another issue for torps is friendlies don’t have an incentive to dodge danger close torps or just be an jerk and eat them deliberately.

  14. The way I understood it, friendly torps would still penalize the firing ship the same way shooting friendlies with guns would.

  15. This just turns off damage to friendlies. Still can get bans, go pink, get XP/credit penalties and have reflected damage. Strictly positive.

  16. watercannons collaboration

    It would be hilarious to remove the team damage but still give a “you’re an idiot” credit penalty whenever you hit friendlies

  17. I hope that WG means with this ‘Friendly fire removing’ they only remove the part where you actually receive damage. The damage is the worst part. I still hope that you see those messages in chat saying: “Friendly fire warning to [player name] for causing damage to [player name].”

  18. With friendly fire gone, does this mean less rage among teammates for getting them pinky? Lol

  19. I am now going to feel free to shoot my torps at an enemy BB who one of our friendly BB’s is trying to ram

  20. Amadeo Komnenus

    Just noticed, you didn’t do a video on the Kong and Godzilla event. Have you been away?

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