World of Warships: Friesland Preview [WIP]

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Friesland is still a work in progress and thus subject to change. I don’t really enjoy playing her much, but I think she’s okay-ish.

World of Warships footage of the tier 9 Dutch destroyer Friesland.
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    btw check the last video when i told u about the kaga i sent the link

  2. **G E K O N O L I S E E R D**

  3. As a Gunboat lover, I want the Friesland so bad. It’s like a ship that I’ve dreaming of.

  4. I think this ship looks to be in a pretty good place right now: she’s not for everyone, but that’s fine, and there are gonna be plenty of people who find that her playstyle really suits them. Personally, I find torpedoes to be a really unreliable weapon at high tier anyway, I have a lot of games where radar, hydro, long torp reloads on high tier gunboat DDs, and WASD hacks prevent me from landing torps anyway and force me to be a pure gunboat. The idea of a T9 ship with the DPM of the best T10 DDs AND German hydro is really appealing to me, and torps and concealment seem like good trade offs to keep her balanced. I recognize that the torpedo playstyle is probably the most popular DD playstyle, based on the amount of IJN DD players you see, and those people are free to skip this ship. But with hundreds of ships in this game, not every premium needs to appeal to every player, and I think this one is definitely gonna find its crowd somewhere within the community.

  5. Friesland is german not dutch.

  6. I guess this is more radical extension of Kidd, the AA DD with reduced torpedo suite…
    If you liked Kidd, you will like Friesland?

  7. A ship from WWII’s most inept navy. Hard pass, but good vid.

  8. Sir Raint, Knight of Silverwing

    Would you like *fries* with that?

  9. “Get 500 ribbons”

  10. Shitty Pony OC Recolor

    Stupid question; what’s with the different firing sounds that depend on whether you are shooting with the zoom in? I thought it was some kind of audio asset mod for the game that a lot of people tend to use but I could never find it and only now I realize after seeing what is actually going on do I see what is going on. In my client, I never have those different sounds.

  11. I did. Honestly find it boring. Is good. But boring for me

  12. this ship must be the frieza from dragon ball series.

  13. Strong DPM? Doesn’t seem strong to me, the arc is not good, doesn’t have improved AP pen, HE pen is trash too, alpha looks weak too.

  14. Do we get French Fries when we play it?

  15. Ryuuoh DeltaPlus

    Ahh yes, a smoke-camping DD with ridiculous DPM is very “challenging” ship to play with.

    • At this high tier and without any torpedoes there’s almost nothing to stop any ship with radar or hydro just pushing you out easily if you just ‘smoke camp’ without good positioning. Def wouldn’t say an ‘easy’ ship to play

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