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[FTC DISCLOSURE REQUIREMENT] This ship was provided by WG at no cost to me review purposes. The opinions of the ship are entirely my own and do not represent the views or opinions of Wargaming and the World of staff.


  1. with this title i thought they added the A 10 Warthog to the game….

    My Disappointment Is Immeasurable and my day is ruined.

  2. i would love to have this ship but 65 bucks for some pixels is a bit to much. tho its free xp aswel. im lacking 970k xD

  3. soon, we will have ICWS equipped as main gun.

    • CIWS*

      Imagine that being real DPM, every shell does very little damage but you throw out hundreds of shells per second

      Major oof for broadsides

  4. I’m getting the feeling that WG is trying to balance the MM without implementing a hard limit for all classes. They want less BBs and more CAs and DDs. The DPM game has gotten out of hand in my opinion. I wish they would take more time between releases for the meta to stabilize. As a casual gamer I just don’t have the time to play non stop and master every meta shift as they happen.

    • I’ve been playing hardcore since beta and there’s always been a BB overpopulation. I’m glad WG is finally giving CAs and DDs some love. And im a BB player.

    • ​@General Kenobi Yeah there is a BB overpopulation. In fact it has always been this way. It’s not bad that they try to make CAs and DDs more attractive. I just think that adding loads of rapid small caliber clouds of HE is not the best way to do it.

      I was hoping for the Subs to balance it out so DDs become more attractive and in turn making many cruisers more important.

    • @Stevieye True. I got my first tier 10 battleship recently – Yamato. 3 days later they released Smolensk…
      And they give HE spammers long duration smoke – that’s a terrible thing. If they have smoke it should be short duration – just to allow them to disengage.

      I only play battleships, because I have experience with destroyers. I know how to use islands, break line of sight, etc. I play stelth game in a battleship.

    • They should cap the number of BBs in games, like CVs. But they should give them more power to compensate: non-BB players should be *terrified* of being hit even once by BB shells. And BBs should be able to fully control their secondary batteries, like switching to torpedo tubes. Under human control, the secondaries should have the same range and power as the same guns on a DD or CL i.e. US ships with the 2×5″ turrets should have similar firing characteristics as the Atlanta or Gearing. Thus, BBs would be able to dakka right back at the CLs and DDs. Too keep from being horribly broken, secondaries should have a fairly short range when firing automatically, except for special cases like the German BBs and premium secondary-focused ships.

    • John Evans great idea John!! ?

    Consider yourselves GEKOLONISEERD, KAMERAAD!

  6. First came the British BB HEs then the Colbert and that new RU Tier X CA both spewing HEs … still not enough? Enter HE spamboat DDs. Next in the near future, submarine HEs.

  7. Why didn’t they give her a radar consumable instead of a hydro? I mean… look at her!

    • @Mr_NarwhaL Not more than Black.

    • @Snagabott but black isn’t a particularly good gun boat she is just kinda so so gun boat and Torp boat, compensated by the radar of course. Meanwhile one of the best gun boat dds plus radar and smoke? Yea she would be more OP than black

    • @Mr_NarwhaL Nah. She has no torps and she would have no hydro… Radar is nice, but the Black radar is short range and pretty short duration. It’s good, but it’s not _that_ powerful tbh. With radar, Friesland would be the DD hunter they bill her as, but you would have to worry more about torps into your farming smokes.

    • Or hell, just do the Pan-Asia thing and make her choose between smoke and radar.

    • I’d love her to have radar, but I’m happy with that giant radar dish like seriously coupled with what I assume are missile pods on the front this thing looks fucking modern as shit! I seriously love this ship!

  8. Jimmiar Reltherford

    Just got this ship lastnight and I like it. Alot of fun but it does have a high skill level to it. AP against high tier DDs is great. Overall, I play the ship a little like my Hara.

  9. WolfdenGaming /Mavadelo

    ty for pronouncing it correctly and not making it a “McDonalds” ship

  10. First smolensk, then colbert, now friesland. more rainbow arcs of balans.

  11. I hope they resolve the shell bugs soon as its distracting enough to throw off critical salvos. Thanks for vocalizing it and the informative vid. My results have improved greatly watching your content.

  12. The same graphical glitch happens sometimes when you hit land. The shell looks like it’s fine, but passes through everything until it splashes the water.

  13. Another HE spammer! That’s exactly, what this game needs! (Irony intensifies)

  14. WG: we don’t want our players to camp and spam HE because it’s unhealthy gameplay

    *also WG*

    Releases Smolensk, Friesland, Colbert in 1 go.

  15. WG running out of new ship ideas, this is crap, and way too many daca ships anti BB now……….

  16. Scary looking ship. Thanks Chase. Stay safe with Dorion.

  17. Seriously… don’t We already have way too many annoying HE spammers fire starters?? This is not fun.

  18. With all the stupid amount of HE spammers fire starters, the DoT mitigation mechanics should be changed from reducing the time they are dealing damage, to just reducing the rate at which damage is dealt. Why? Because it can even be counterproductive to have a fire extinguished as that makes possible to be set up on fire immediately again, not getting actually any reduction in damage taken because you are always on fire.

    Reducing time of fires is pointless if you are always set on fire once again (example, that JB), rate of damage should be targeted by these skills, upgrades, and signals.

  19. Love that intro chase! Great upload as always….Cheers!??

  20. Watching you kill that Jean Bart – took you 2 minutes to do 56k damage.
    An average battleship fires 2 salvos per minute., so battleship would have to score 14k damage per salvo, which is considered to be a very good salvo.

    The point of battleship is massive firepower. For that firepower you have many tradeoffs – less agility, less concealment, etc., but I don’t see that Jean Bart having anywhere near the firepower of Freisland – unless enemy is a potato and exposes his broadside. And if you add the fact that Friesland has smoke, then the whole thing becomes one sided.

    The fire support is now the main force, battleships are the fire support now. Their role is no longer to engage enemy battleships – smaller ships have better firepower for that. We can help with enemy battleships by sending 2-3 salvos but that’s it. Main role of battleships is try to get lucky and citadel a cruiser. But if enemy cruiser is camping behind island, is angled, or is staying at distance and spamming you with HE, there’s really not that much you can do on a battlefield with your “battle” ship. Usually you want to survive and maybe later you will be able to brawl some surviving enemy ships but if a lot of your teammates are alive, you wll have to share those last kills with them anyway.

    • I put some ideas in in a reply to another post, but you gave me an idea: Give BBs an increased chance of “Detonation” and a massively increased chance on citadel hits. And spam-boats hiding behind islands are staying still, so once subs show up…

    • @John Evans thats retarded, citadels arent a chance thing, you get them by having good aim

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