World of Warships: Friesland, The Bad [WIP]

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Friesland is a Work in Progress and is subject to change. With that in mind, this is an example of a game where things don’t go well. She doesn’t have quite the same tools as normal destroyers.

World of Warships footage of the tier 9 Dutch destroyer Friesland.
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  1. Third

  2. Did you just hello hello my guy

  3. So… situational. Like a bunch of other ships in the game. 😉

  4. Actually, this ship might be the worst T9 DD in WOWS.

  5. So how would the torpedoes help you against hydro equipped BBs ?

    • Jacques Braga Szmelcynger Jr

      Area denial, you force it to change course

    • @Jacques Braga Szmelcynger Jr so basically same as an angry smoke screen does … BBs generally stay clear of those unless they have hydro … oh wait …

    • @Lubos Soltes You can’t have hydro up 24/7. If you dodge one set of torps with hydro, then the next set is going to arrive when your hydro is down.

  6. Maybe just like Khaba, her conceal is too terrible for a normal DD, she don’t have torp, armor, heal, speed or anything could help to hunt down DD. CV may leave her alone for a while but if you can’t contest cap, just like enemy team has 1 DD advantage (everyone has Khaba in their team will understand).

    • But you can’t play her like a Khaba because she doesn’t have armor, heal or speed.

    • @Aerroon Sound so terrible without smoke, I really like her AA though. But no torp is quite tough for a DD.
      I guess we just have another colbert without citadel.

  7. You cant play it like a normal DD its job is to support the cruisers and battleships by providing AA and screening for torps and help daka daka ships already focused by the team

  8. Hi Aerrroon! I am glad about this video ,,i was in that first GK Wurst_unconquerable_iron,,i was wonder would you post this video beacuse i now you did not make best game in this battle,,for potential buyers of this Tier 9 DD it is good to show when is good and when is bad..i kill you in this game and you fire also finished me 🙂 🙂 Cheers!!

  9. It has great DPM it should be a scary gun boat but I think its just not that big of a threat to any other gun boats. In the few occasions that I met the Friesland I comfortablely out gun them in my Le Terrible every single time which I think its wrong, it should have better guns since thats the only thing its got.

  10. Of course the makers of the 40mm and 57mm would make a fantastic DP gun 😉

  11. Hello, and whalecum…. I mean…. hello hello ?

  12. The problem is this thing can run into an Atlanta, Massachusetts or God forbid a Georgia. if it runs into any of those ships its life expectancy can be measured in seconds.

  13. I dont know what wargaming thinking but i am sure they are fu..ked up . and next DD will be without gun and 100 Torpedos tubes . and long time i stopped playing that bullshit game

  14. Great little gunboat. Belongs in a river or harbor.

  15. Microcruiser

  16. I don’t think Friesland will end up being good because a DD without torpedoes loses a lot of options. Other ships are no longer scared of you at close range and don’t have to worry about course adjustment or areas being denied. Her other attributes just do not make up for the loss. Even Khabarovsk’s awful torpedoes allow you to punish ships at close range.

  17. If Friesland can get perhaps a special treatment to her shells, maybe good stock HE pen and strong AP, maybe she might be a decent ship that can still prove to be scary to BBs that are not Russian?

  18. not a boat I’m even slightly interested in.

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