World of Warships – Friesland WiP – Potential DUTCH Gem

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HOLLAND can boats confirmed with Friesland, T9 DUTCH WiP DD.


  1. Friesland isnt Polish… It’s Dutch… Hr. Ms. Friesland (D812) Frieslandclass

  2. My apologies…she’s Dutch. I think the reason she’s Polish in game (there’s my brain fart of the day) is because it’s all meant to be wrapped into some Pan-European line somewhere down the line. My apologies to the Dutch.

  3. The Freislanta, the sportscar that the Atlanta wished to be.

  4. Nice to have you back. Great vids! Keep up the good work 😉

  5. Hurricane Gaming

    Kinda nice to see that the chat in that game wasn’t all toxic like it usually is. I took a break from WoWs but haven’t decided if I a come back. Nice video iChase!

  6. Can you do siegfried next…I’m really curious about the 6 guns accuracy

  7. Are you going to highlight some of it AA in action? I heard the DPS on that thing is insane!

  8. a gunboat dd, looks like my cup of tea. never really like using torpedoes

  9. Маньяк Псих

    actually i was waiting for a guide how to mix wine and vodka. )))

  10. Murderous Kitten

    Puts out Dutch Ship at the time i play as Dutch in Hoi4 😀

  11. WG : we gonna make German DD excell at hunting Destroyer.
    latter on…………
    WG : we gonna make British DD excell at hunting Destroyer
    latter on………… again
    WG : we gonna make Premium Dutch DD that excell at hunting Destroyer

  12. 1.4 seconds
    How 2 break a mouse

  13. It’s like calling the Missouri a fun ship with a nice Mexican name which is weird for a Canadian ship… 😛

  14. Sukacita Yeremia

    I really wish someone at WG knew about the Frisian Flag Milk and made an option for her to sport the flag..

  15. Nice ship, good video. But spamming doesn’t really interest me, doesn’t take much skill to hide and spam HE at your opponents… Once again thanks for the video….

    • Doesn’t take much skill? Are you high?

    • I think it has a place. I’d love to play a DD hunter. But it needs nerfed. If it’s a DD hunter fine, it is lethal to dd’s. But this thing is lethal to cruisers and BBs AND he said major AA. It’s not a DD hunter. It’s an apex predator in it’s current form. Needs lots of tweeking.

    • @# Terulien Of course it can kill other ships. How is that a problem?

    • @Sun Shower No, I played the other day in a friends DD and being a BB player I thought I would suck big time, first game, got my first ever kraken, sitting in a smoke screen and hiding behind an island and spamming away. Wasn’t really that difficult, the hardest thing was to keep out of detection range but inside main gun range, once I got the hang of that, the rest was pretty easy….

  16. Crossing fingers hard for a Dutch line. They have enough ships (Cruisers and Destroyers) to make one (officially half, at least).

    • They’ll add a Pan-European nation. I guess many of the lower tier ships are austro-hungarian and the later ones are dutch, swedish and maybe spanish and polish

    • If that happens i ll come back to play wows.. anything for my home country ????????

  17. This ship gives access to the Japan gunboat dds style without the need to research and with better gameplay. Thumbs up wargaming.

  18. I think they should give these dakka boats a heat mechanic. So you aren’t completely overwhelming, you should have to stop spamming for a few seconds out of every five.

  19. Arminius Maximus

    With Harugumo, mino and worchester in the game already and dis thing we need a in game integrated auto-clicker script in order to preserve mouse button1 xD

  20. Apologies excepted, omg i realy have to get Hr Ms Friesland just to get the Dutch colors fly in WoWS finaly

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