World of Warships – From 1 to 6 with Wichita in the mix

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Another WiP US that really looks just fine. I don’t see anything OP or UP with this hip. It seems just fine where it sits so it’s gonna be a nice addition to the game I believe.
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. 27mm in a 8.7 km conceal ? Oh im in

  2. The CV captain at the end. Smart move to just let your team have the kill, rather then run.

  3. Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

    It’s a good thing that Warspite was a HE spamming noob, not knowing Warspite only has standard HE – and its completely AP based.
    8:28 – also bless USN AP angles allowing you to bypass autobounce at sharper angles and lolpenning the aft of that poor cruiser.

    • Indeed. Warspite is a great BB, but for heaven’s sake use AP as much as possible. Great maneuverability and decent secondaries.

      And the greatest battleship in the history of the world in real life. But of course I may be biased.

    • maybe he knows that wichita has 27mm bow armor? his AP cannot pen wichita bow

    • +stvnjhns My bad, live and learn , seemed counterintuitive a 15″ gun won’t penetrate cruiser armour. But 27mm does just manage it. I shall use HE much more in future.

  4. now were missing smoke but WG would never put smoke and radar and hydro in one ship :>

  5. Warspite knew he cant overmatch 27mm bow of yours with his puny 381 mm, so he shot HE. Kappa

  6. Which Old Witch? The Wicked Wichita!

  7. Engine is down cuz of the high HE caliber that was shoot at u which has a very large area of effect making ur engine break
    Also u can bow tank 380s all day long

  8. Wish I didn’t have a potato for a pc so I could get more than 30 fps on very low settings I wanna die

    • Magnus Gudmundsson

      That’s so shitty it’s almost a spud, think you could put it into the ground and make it have babies.

    • um, how? any desktop that’s currently running any video card on the market can run this game on low settings, only PCs that cant run this game are low end laptops that dont have video cards made to do anything but word process; Let me guess, you have one of these laptops. Nvidia just stopped supporting my video card with updates this year, being a 10 year old video card….still run it on max settings lol. Desktops> laptops under $2500

    • ArmchairWarrior it’s a insprion from 2008 and no not all desktops can run the game as high as low. I barely get 30-35 fps with everything on low or very low

  9. love that you scream for your mom for help lol

  10. “Muummmmmmm!!!! I NEED HELP!!!! Appriciate it.”

  11. Of course when YOU play a tier 8 ship, you get a top tier battle. But when I play a T8 ship, all I get are T10 battles where I’m the only T8.

  12. Nice & impressive as usual (with a small bunch of luck lol, as usual !) 😂

    …As we say, good players make their own luck, it’s an habit with flambass. 👌

  13. So when does the flambass class come out Too soon?

  14. The only thing that is keeping me from pointing the P2WOP line at this thing is that A. Upcoming concealment expert changes. That might change something. And that tier8 MM is pretty brutal.

    It’s still one of the best tier8 cruisers, and better than the balty. Why sail a balty when you can drive this thing?

  15. Six kills and no Kraken? Did they change the requirements for it?

  16. Are matches now capped to a max of 4 dds per side unless the matchmaker takes a longer time to create a match?

  17. You are the luckiest person ever. They throw their ships at you like “KILL ME FIRST”. I wish I could get some of that. I think you could sell it for profit I rotflamo watching and listening to your commentary.

  18. So if you playing Wichita, are they letting you test West Virginia as well?

  19. You ever consider a rap career with those rhymes Flamboi?

  20. I laught more in front of a flambass video than in front of a humorous video…

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