World of Warships- From Being The Worst Battleship, To One Of The Best Battleships In Game

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Hey guys! Today we take a look back at the Tier IX Japanese Battleship Izumo, what is considered by many to be the worst BB in game, however she has received quite a few buffs over the years that has greatly improved her performance in game. So how does she do today?

Ross Rowley:

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  1. I liked even that bad version better than every other BB line, it was what taught me to angle and improve my aim more than any other ship.

    • Also played the og junk Izumo back then. Aiming well often doesnt help cause its an overpen machine and the dispersion can be really trollish. She still has those weaknesses. However, the armor buffs helped alot. Cause it just melted even under the original HE spammers which are cute today.

  2. One first had to suffer through Izumo to be worthy of Yamato.
    Or something like that.

  3. Izumo is really fun imo. Even in tier 9 her guns still works

  4. I played Izumo during the earliest iterations of the ship (I want to say it was the beta, but I could be misremembering) and hated every second of it. I came back to it a few years later, and the Izumo is hands down my favourite ship in the entire IJN line with some of the highest damage games I have ever scored in any battleship in her. Those guns are like the finger of god stabbing down from the heavens, and the way in which they are clustered makes them much more accurate than the raw numbers would suggest. She’s in a very good place, aside from superships shitting all over tier IX.

  5. Amagi can be an absolute beast at her tier. Her broadside is HEAVY.

  6. I can’t deal with the vertical dispersion of Izumo, free xp my way out of it. Every battle was a test to my nerves every time my shells landed everywhere around the target

  7. I have the Izumo now but haven’t played her much yet. Maybe I’m inspired to do so now!

  8. Honestly when i played izumo before.. the only disappointment is her stock hull but i enjoy it when you have reach hull C

  9. Before the Izumo rework I loved farming them in my cvs especially when I found on with the old a hull since it had no AA guns

  10. At first i was scared of the older , more negative, posts who are brought up if you google something about the Izumo.
    But when i finaly got her, i liked her from the beginning. The look, the feeling and then SWOOSH i was at the Yamato.

  11. A couple months ago i first played izumo and enjoyed it so much i got baije in the chinese new year event and found it to be even better due to it have an even better sigma than izumo

  12. It’s so funny you just posted this ship, literally trying to decide whether to get it or not. I decided to skip it since I am only 30xp away from Yamato. Been playing for 2 years and finally finishing the grind to it.

  13. i like the forward facing gunned battleships. the dunkirk and lenin are two very fun and tough ships. they really force you to have good situational awarness.

  14. Damn, I just unlocked her for the fist time after finally deciding to grind down the Japanese tree. The entire tree has been a treat and really fun. I didn’t even realize the Izumo had a bad rep, but I wasn’t feeling it regardless. I guess it’s the turret configuration that put me off. I was just going to skip over her and grind free XP for the Yammy. Guess I will give her a shot, now.

  15. Suffering through the izumo taught me how to play the game better as a battleship

  16. Broccan Mac Ronain

    Right there with you on suffering through the old Izumo. It held me up from getting my first tier 10 battleship (Yami). I finally spent about 1000 free exp. to advance just as the buffs hit the Izumo.

  17. I also suffered the old izumo! So much so that it took away all the pleasure of reaching the Yamato and hardly played it! Might have to bring them out of mothballs and give them another chance!

  18. I love my Izzy. I remember sailing her along side a nearly full health enemy Musashi at about 2 or 3 km and delivering a 88k hit to obliterate the Musashi. I was laughing pretty hard, the Musashi probably not so much 🙂

  19. I had pretty good stats with it, but I just never had a good time with it

  20. Well, I have to say, though I was grinding the IJN and US line sort of parallel to one another. I hated CO more than the Izumo and my stats show it (2019). Av. dmg is about 80K a game, though I don’t feel like I have the battle impact that many other T9 have (GE, Duncan, Soyuz). On the whole I enjoyed the IJN grind more than most, and would still recommend as the first BB line to new players..

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