World of Warships – From Russia, With Love

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The Kiev? Wait, people still play Russian Destroyers? Really? Yes, really.

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  1. USS Kiev? That’s like calling HMAS Vampire, HMAS Vampire II . . . wait a second!

  2. *Jingles:* Featuring a WoWS’s Tier 8 Russian Destroyer Kiev replay.

    My brain picture Kiev Helicopter Cruiser: *Wait! There’s no flight deck and Anti-Ship Missile Rack! And where is the helicopter?*

    • @TheSunken 100 nautical miles? In World of Warships? Lol, we don’t even have any maps big enough for realistic battleship gun ranges, let alone missiles, let alone airplanes. Yeah IRL modern ships would stay 100+ miles away and throw missiles. But IRL the USS Midway wouldn’t get within 100 miles of a BB either.

    • @JETZcorp You forgot the mention the map wide radar would also always be on ^^

    • @JETZcorp *googles which one the GBU-28 exactly is…*

      Yep, this guy has no time for half-measures.

    • @JETZcorp Not Russian cruise missiles.

    • The Amazing Goldfish

      Did you know the Germans experimented with gyro copters feathered to U-boats in world war II ? It extended their view range for convoys from 5 nautical miles to nearly 20 NM. Would love to see this rendered in world of warships. 🏹🤠👍

  3. It’s amazing how if you look at the right side of the map, you see great gameplay, and if you look at the left side of the map, you want to slowly insert knives into your retinas.

  4. My usual tactic for waking up the sleeping destroyers at the start of a match is to drive the ship to point blank range, hope that the player has their speakers turned up all the way and blast the horn. It’s not perfect, but it definitely makes me feel better about AFK players, particularly DDs.

    • Which just shows that you are as big of a douche as the guy in the first few seconds, you played your self, well done

    • @Johnny English oh dear, I uninstalled WOW months ago. Between players and WG bullshit, I had enough a long time ago already…

    • All this talk about the one act, not knowing what the other offenses were that caused our Gnome Overlord to decide to decapitate the video…

    • As a DD player who has fluctuating load times, I can tell you slamming the horn doesn’t do anything if the start battle button isnt there for 1-3 mins after you’ve “loaded” in, other than just emphasis the point that your game could be ruined because your computer decided to be slow to render that game in particular. I once waited on the load screen for 5 mins before restarting my game because the damn screen wouldn’t go away despite knowing the game was going on through the audio. Trust me if the player is going to play they are there, but there are numerous reasons why they might not be moving at the start of the game.

      Most of the time I do load into the game before it starts but I’d say like every 10-15 games depending on the day I get one where it sits me on the load screen for around 1-2 mins.

    • @HK Piax So calling out an asshole makes him an asshole? Do you have a hat, trouble talking to women and live in a basement?

  5. Jingles… His name is german. Malochen is colloquial language for “To work very hard” and is spoken like this: [maˈloːxn̩]

    • @wot cruisespeed not quite, though, is it? It’s a long “e” which is slightly more towards /i:/ than its English counterpart. English doesn’t have quite the exact same sound.

    • @wot cruisespeed Nah. really not.

    • @Jerome Terbrack it realy is.. you can check it by using google translate and set the input language to German and push the listen button after typing graf spee

    • ​@wot cruisespeed It isnt, I can check due to being a German. There is no A in the double E, trust me.

    • @wot cruisespeed my friend. I’m sorry to be the one to tell you this but… Google translate, text or voice, is either a fun toy, just functional enough to let you talk with someone, or a useful tool used only as a last resort.
      But it is not at all known for its accuracy, the opposite actually. I suggest not using that argument.
      But hey, no worries if you didn’t know. That’s just life, mate. We all learned that one day, usually embarrassingly!

  6. If the Kiev keeps running away from the battle, would that make it a Chicken Kiev?

  7. No Lie I think thats the best gameplay I ever seen in a Kiev well done M8 o7

  8. I remember when jinlges never featured an atlanta replay for the same reason as the baltimore clip

    • david and martine albon

      The atlanta replay guy was actively shooting at his teammates though, and back then there was still friendly fire so he was damaging his team as well

    • I wonder if the Baltimore guy was just studying the minimap and didn’t realise the Kagero was not moving/ afk. If this was the only douchy thing he does it’s probably unintentional. Or he’s just a scumbag. Who knows?

    • @Maraudmania Or maybe Jingles stopped recording but watched the entire replay and saw that the Baltimore was scumbag, and didn’t bother with the replay anymore?

  9. Big Thanks for uploading my replay @The Mighty Jingles !!! 🙂

  10. So this episode is named after a Bond film eh? What’s next? Goldfinger featuring a guy in a tank playing with nothing put premium ammo? That sounds uncanny actually.

  11. nice sidenote: Kiev’s player name is malocher, which means “hard working/hard worker” in german – which fits perfectly 😉

  12. well Jingles, you always could have added an “R” and there would be USS..R =D

  13. Søren Vesterlund

    Kiev, one of the ships that makes me miss WoWs :sadface:

  14. Thanks to Jingles, the Maerker will now forever be the Merkel in my head.

  15. You have to give the Yorck credit, he saw what was happening to the East and he didn’t cut and run. He also took the hits that would have otherwise gone to the more effective members of his team.

  16. It’s fine jingles, we know you’d rather show DD gameplay.

  17. I actually realized when Jingles mentioned that the Kei pulled a U-Turn this battle is basically a lemming train in reverse. It was three ships for the better part of the game keeping the rest of the enemy team dead in their tracks.

  18. Actually Jingles…. The Russian DDs have been “power crêped”
    I’ll see myself out.

  19. That was downright heroic! Kudos to the captains of both those DDs.

  20. 17:20 and after finally switching to HE, they went back to AP for the last shot. Wtf.

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