World of Warships – From The Jaws of Defeat

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  1. “They cant repel firepower of that magnitude”, did you happen to record this video on May 4th Jingles 😛

  2. Honestly Jingles the most threatening thing to a CV is another CV, be it spotting it (with fighters or a cheeky first strike) so the battleships can SNIPE from max range or killing the enemy CV itself (which does take some effort but its doable). Still if you get in Torp range of a CV with a DD, THAT CV IS FUCKED!

  3. Books are hands-down a far better story, and far better crafted. Movies/adaptations just can’t hold a candle to books.

  4. Reality Insights

    The Expanse show was excellent. It was just a shame that it finished 2/3 of the way through the story. The other thing is that when you get past the first book, the stories and characters are sufficiently different to the show that if you watched the show first, the books will still be interesting.

    • In our times there is allways chance for more , I think they will make more series in Expanse universe , but I dunno if with same cast .
      (BTW reason why often TV shows are cancelled or ended because how contracts are written = for first season actors get lowest salaries , and with next salary raise , so often TV that order serie rather cancel tv show because they just earn too little cash from it …)

    • Reality Insights

      @Asterion I really hope they finish it. The later books are really good.

    • Stainless Steel Lemming

      Have they rewritten the books to match the tv series?

      I read the first book before the series was made (library didn’t have the others), and was excited when Amazon announced the series. By the time I got half way through the first episode, I’d come to the conclusion that the only things they had in common were they were both called “The Expanse”, and they were both science fiction.

    • Reality Insights

      @Stainless Steel Lemming Seasons 1 and 2 and books 1 and 2 tell the same basic story. The difference is that in the series, the plotlines of books 1 and 2 happen in parallel, whereas they are sequential in the books. This is why, for example, Avasarala appears in Episode 1 of the show, but doesn’t appear in the books until book 2.

      After that, the plots of seasons 3 – 6 follow the same general path as books 3 – 6, but with necessary changes to accommodate the fact that it’s a TV show and not the books. For example, show Drummer is an amalgamation of 3 separate characters in the books.

      My personal opinion is that the series is pretty well perfect as adaptions go. Although it’s not identical to the books, it is obviously intended to be as faithful as possible. There are even some things that I think the TV show does better.

      In short, it is everything that the Wheel of Time TV show isn’t.

  5. Well earned solo warrior. As for Audible, as soon as I finish James Holland’s Jack Tanner series and check the expanse books out. TV show was 1st rate.

  6. @Aniwayas Song i found that with game of thrones, i had read the books way before the tv series.
    I only heard of the expanse by jingles talking about it then he mentioned the books but i was half way thru tv series by then.
    So i shall be heading for the books

  7. Know what I like about Jingles paid promotion? It’s genuine, it feels honest and he’s not pushing some money pit of a mobile game.

    • @AllAhabNoMoby but to his defense… we all got here because most of us where already on WG games… I have been here since WoT and him going dressed as a German Tank crew end WG kicking him out lol

    • @JackIce Jingles doesn’t need defending. First of all, no one was attacking, but more importantly, he’s got every right to monetize his channel any way he wants. and we all want him to get rich and famous.

    • agreed, Jingles seems to only promote things that he takes an interest in and I like that. but if he ever pushes raid shadow legends, I’ll unsub 🙂



    • @OPERATION STURMTIGER Actually I think they pay Jingles in Sterling Pounds.

  8. @martyn jones
    I’m much the same way, though I gravitate towards books first, and if the reviews are positive enough, will then invest more of my time/life into watching whatever they put on film (or, ya know, this fancy-shmancy digital format stuff!).
    I’ve discovered Jingles is something of a ‘Loki’ prankster! This diabolically-laughing-salt-mine-owning-Gnome lured me into playing War Thunder ohsomany years ago, and I’ve been keeping a wary eye on his antics ever since! He’s a trouble-maker, an’ no doubt, but we still love him!

  9. I love these games. People playing the game as it should be played. Although 4 ships in the B cap mid to late game was some suspect tactics

  10. This was a great battle. I was practically on the edge of my seat the whole time. Great players all around, great use of hydro, torpedoes and so on.

  11. Actually jingles he didn’t need to wait out the 20 second bloom on the guns – he would have done had he not gone unspotted with the smokescreen but as he did his detection went back to 6.1km (see the minimap) … yeah okay.. click.. bang…

  12. “Both ships have lost two teams…” – Ah, yes. That’s is the quality commentary I come here for.

  13. That’s a refreshing change, seeing a team snatch victory from the jaws of defeat, as opposed to the usual other way around.

  14. Holy shit this battle was intense. Jingles always manages to make it so fun and exciting listening to these replays! Great video!

  15. You know what sucks for you? You’ll be cleaning the intake filters for the M3 Lee in the shop!

  16. This was not from the jaws of defeat.
    This was plucking Victory out of the _throat_ of defeat!

  17. James Anargirou

    Good book recommendation! I’ve read the entire series (and watched the whole show) multiple times. Plus, Jefferson Mays is an amazing narrator!

  18. Liberal sock puppet

    book 8 was my favorite book of the series yet. read books 7 thru 9

  19. @Xethuron No problem. “The day has 24 hours and if that’s not enough there’s always still the night.

  20. Somehow I always wait for a meow whenever Jingles mentions Akizuki 😀

  21. These are the kind of matches that keep us playing. That was an great played game by both teams.

  22. Marmots Revenge

    The expanse is magnificent. I was stoked when you started praising it Mr Jingles. It deserves so much more!!

  23. The set up was really good for this one and it really did come down to the wire. It just goes to show how hard it is to estimate how a ship is travelling for torp hits sometimes.

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