World of Warships- From The Jaws Of Victory

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Hello guys, today we have a live replay reaction, this time coming from Doc__Strange in the Kitakaze, enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

Have a replay?

Music: Stranger Think- C418


  1. Damn, that’s a Chad Gneisenau

  2. Seeing the enemy Carrier hiding in the cornor of map, that is the worst kind of CV player. I know CVs aren’t exactly stealthy but hiding in the corner just means your planes take longer to get to your target. Look at all those islands he could have been hiding behind! I get that his team got the short end of the stick (despite getting the Buff advantage early) but….he could have sailed south im pretty sure.

    • You can tell the good CVs from the bad ones by how they move and where they go. A good CV will get as close to the enemy as possible without dying to constantly hit the enemy with the planes having less time to travel to them.

  3. That was entertaining.

  4. someone won musashi lottery xD, nice game doc

  5. Pre- SS, the Kita was my Favorite. Now it’s the Aki.

  6. I really like these videos

  7. Used my KITA for commander training; got 2, if not 3 Japanese commanders to 21. But with the arrival of SUBs, IMHO, the Japanese DD line needs ships with HYDRO. Hell, MORE DDs need HYDRO. That, or reduce the cooldown time of Damage Con. Being a Homing Torp magnet REALLY is not fun; especially if you need to save it (Damage Con) for things REALLY important.

  8. yea I have Harugumo line it’s very enjoy to play along this line

  9. one thing people don’t realize is you get points for grabbing the buffs.

  10. Yesterday I was running in the tier 7 french DD and when I finished off the last DD, I had one HP left. Then said in chat it was going to bite them in the but. Two BBs later with torps they were laughing if the CV could find me.

  11. Fun game.. poor at torps. 🙂

  12. I actually prefer the epicenter to this mode.

  13. For the Algorithm!

  14. Really like this style of replay

  15. Thanks SLM!

    fyi, background noise is a bit distracting on this video. not something I normally hear on your vids.

  16. Nice battle!

  17. This was really good, I like it when you get close but survive the battle. For sure it’s worth watching this one, great performance from Dr Strange.

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