World of Warships – From The Jaws of Victory

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A dark tale of woe and dread where I fuck up a bit in crucial situations. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


  1. Last time I was this early it was still open beta.

  2. Hey business 🙂

  3. Scharnhorst is my favorite ship and not even my key Vehicle. The fast reload of torps and guns slows her to go places others wouldn’t dare. DD? Oh that’s cool. Meet my secondary array. Such a bad ass ship!

  4. Great to see the other perspective from that match on Estuary – I was the opposing Nelson. Grats on the recordbreaking damage, I’m sure you’ll soon exceed it!

  5. 5:15 that’s because the Dunkurque was literally built to counter the scharnhorst/Dutchland

  6. In a word on the world record match….OUCH. Great video though.

  7. This vid deserves more attention…

  8. git gud M8 git gud

  9. Scharn is the Ship i come Back to all the time…even if Games suck you can enjoy them…getting close with her and AR kicking in always feels for me that i can make all Hell break loose. She is fast, she can carry, but she has weaknesses. feels strong, but not OP.
    That Hearbreaker-Game…the engagement with the full HP Gneise…damn, i was on the edge of my seat even watching the replay…i love that gamble moment engaging another german torp BB and seeing the outcome. sadly i have to admit even if i always try to delay my torps a bit more…the moment is so tense often…i launch them still too early most of the time.
    I also share the feeling of: “oh if i just had this salvo back, or this very tiny thing had gone different the entire game had changed” etc. that is true in that moment, but on the other hand, just one comparable little thing that might have gone in favour for the other team, like Nelson or Cleve setting an additiona fire f/ex and there wouldn´t have been a reason to think about “your” little mistake. anyway, god vid, have a nice weekend.

  10. broke back Business6… from too much carry

  11. Come on! At least these were close. The games i had today in the koenig, my brave BB-teammates hide behind islands or go chasing one cv or dd to the other end of the map, dont denfend base at all, letting those t7 cruiser beating the shit out of me in packs~~
    I am sure you know how that feels like.

  12. Hope the pain has subsided a little! You could quite legitimately call this vid “How to Scharnhorst”. Awesome stuff.

  13. Consistent dispersion in Gneisenau!!!! MUST BE SOME GERMAN HAX!!

  14. Please upload the Scharnhornst world record match. I’d love to see it.

  15. Epic video again Business, increbile battles a true lesson to all World Of Warships players on how play correctly. The battle on Esturary where the salvo failed to clear the mountain against the Nelson was so unlucky. Business have you tried the Royal Navy BB s yet?

  16. Good last game!!! I feel for you on the lost ones man that sucks

  17. i like your mods, where do you get those ?

  18. Looks like you have godlike luck with the german BBs. I used the same setup with the Friedrich and it was awful as hell, i mean i have 105k avg with her which is not bad but i can’t think of any devastating strikes, usually it was meh.

  19. Been waiting to see this game again, well done, great game.

  20. Great Vids Business. German Pronunciation for Gaede…phonetically GUY ED AH. Would you mind posting some of your Commander builds? I am interested in your German BB builds.

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