World of Warships – From Zero To Hero

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Lord Vader: “Admiral, what’s going on with todays’ video?”
Admiral Piett: “It’s an older title, sir, but it still checks out.”

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  1. Praise the Omnissiah

  2. Happy Friday everyone!

  3. Comrade Nelson…… Soviet Nelson?

    You decide!

  4. just woke up from pain, from very recent trimalleolar fracture, and happy to see a jingles vid. thanks for the content Jingles. i’m sure i’ll be watching lots after i get my surgery!

    • Ouch. You have all my sympathy. I had a trimalleolar fracture a few years back(Was walking to work, hit a patch of black ice and practically twisted my foot off.) Had to have surgery and spent a month recovering. Wishing you a fast recovery

    • Had to look up “trimalleolar fracture” and now I’m my clutching my ankles protectively in sympathy to your injury and @joshpetersen5968 ankle. Best wishes on recovering.

  5. Proud swamp German… Never heard that before. Made me laugh! #ProudSwampGerman

  6. Dave’s aiming was really painful to watch. Good video though!

  7. His aim was so terrible, its really was RNG that saved his ass multi-able times

  8. Good timing with the Rodney finally on the way.

  9. This was fun, but also frustrating to watch. I’m assuming Dave is new to this ship and the way it handles as some of the positioning goofs were probably due to not knowing how slowly the ship gains and loses speed, but mainly it’s the faulty aiming of the main guns that speaks to this. However, despite these issues, he got the big hits when it counted, kept himself in the game to the end, and carried his team across the line. Noice kraken!

    • Looks like he’s a British or American cruiser player. Wanting to hug the island and lob some shells over

    • @@rjald4910
      As told, I felt a zero first minutes, and it was the enemy team that really let me be the hero. Actually my first Random game in Lenin, although I’ve had her already for a while.

      Both the AA swapping and how the enemy team was ignoring my position was the reason I’ve send it in.

    • He didn’t carry his team. His team defended quite well and the enemy team was bad in many ways. If this was played by someone more experienced, it will be won with a roflstomp.

    • ​@@Tuning3434just because Jingles used a catchy title, doesn’t make you a hero. This was painful to watch. Your aiming need some practice and more practice.

    • @@ApKieras Can’t argue with that conclusion.

  10. Player base: Soviet BBs are too powerful!
    WG: You dare complain! Then we shall buff aircraft carriers. Any more complaints?
    Player base: . . .

  11. I am more impressed with how long that Pensacola stayed alive all alone while Dave was crawling along in the other cap as he was getting his shit together.

  12. There is something bad about the Nelski that can be exploited: that flat ass can be punched through by anything with decent penetration (heavy cruiser and up) and will go right to the citadel. So if you can manage to maneuver yourself behind a Lenin, you will have a great time.

  13. He got a lot of help from the opposition to be fair and his aiming was atrocious so it was a remarkable performance all things considered.

  14. Watching Jingles foam over the fact DutchDave got the Air Defense Expert made my Friday morning. 😂😂😂

  15. They way this guy underleads his shots is just painful.

    • @flaviosalatino8192

      Yeap, truly painful to watch, both in under leading and not getting what kind of manouver he was going to do. The battle is fun, but a pain to watch.

    • I can never understand why some people who know that they aren’t particularly good at aiming refuse to watch where their shots land in order to make the necessary adjustments.

    • @peterhineinlegen4672

      Target choice was bad too. Let’s skip the four stationary broadsides not even looking this way for the only one who is angling and moving.

  16. @lawrencefortuno9610

    Jingles correcting himself? What timeline did I wake up to

  17. The explanation was appreciated Jingles… and don’t call me Shirley.

  18. Oh Dave, that sudden rush of shit happens to the best of us.

  19. Every time the Cross of Dorn came up, my mind kept going to Rogal Dorn, Primarch of the Imperial Fists.

  20. Great result and a masterclass in positioning at the end. Well done fellow cloggie.
    @Jingles, we had so many great proverbs from you – like the beloved title Swamp Germans for us cloggies – I was wondering if you were planning to have some of them printed on T-shirts and put them up for sale some time. Not sure if anyone else is interested, but I’d be honored to have one adorn my impressive belly.
    And here’s one you may not know but hopefully find amusing too. I heard it when listening to the Pilot Podcast: “Like a dog looking at a wrist watch: all interest and no comprehension.”

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