World of Warships: FSI Yamato

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Yamato is a great battleship, especially when there aren’t many battleships in the match. The FSI skin makes her look really good!

0:00 Intro
0:50 Captain Skills & Upgrades
0:35 Yamato Match
15:53 End Screen
16:36 Outro

World of Warships footage of the tier 10 Japanese battleship Yamato.


  1. ahhh yes…i see yamato’s conversion to a *space battleship yamato* is going well…..she’ll be space worthy in no time to gunboat in outer space soon and snipe shit. Bismarck should be next…i guess they forgot the engines so it will have to deal with sea targets first.

  2. What a great way to end my work day by watching an awesome Aerroon video

  3. That thing is a star destroyer, lovely skin❤️

  4. The Yamato is such a cool ship. How much I wish I could see it in person.

  5. “Kraken in my heart,” is a great line @Aerroon

    o7 on a fun video and great game.

  6. Wow that Yama looks good in Port! Also nice game 🤌

  7. I expected the Space Battleship Yamato, to be the space skin, not this. Still beautiful though.

  8. legend says this version has no citadel

  9. You should try aiming at the skin from modstation that turns the Jean Bart into a Trimaran. The wings must at least double ship’s width. It’s a nightmare to hit.

  10. Hey Aaerroon, after 3 years of watching wow streamers, I must admit you are the most authentic an enjoyable streamer. I really like how intelligent you play and how you share your thought, just wanted to high five. Good work and hope you start streaming star citizen one day.

  11. the camo is really cool, now if the angled plating would work as well, that would be even better

  12. That Yamato skin makes it look so great,I cannot believe someone made this

  13. Wish this was one of these actual sci-fi permacamos we have in game for Yamato.

  14. Extremely realistic history stans hate him. Watch even a few seconds to find out why.

  15. My problem with the scifi skin mods, they apply to EVERY ship of that type. Like that enemy Yamato.

  16. Listining to your narration these games are always very pleasent to watch!
    Thank you for your lighthearted positive attitude ❤️🌈🌻☀️🌎

  17. You know I don’t like a lot of the anime/sci-fi yamato designs, but this one is pretty cool.

  18. “You wanna utilize the range of Yamato and not loose it by pushing” Yea tell that to Random batlle plebs 😀

  19. I would say Yamato is accurate only after legendary module installed, before that it’s an average BB dispersion with 32mm overmatch

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