World of Warships – FUBAR division

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Time light the world of fire !!!
This was originally called “Super Toxic” but FUBAR seems perfect.
There’s much to say besides just watch and don’t forget to take a shower afterwards.
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. Russian Bias always protect.

    This ship is so disgusting

    I need it!

  2. I feel dirty just for watching this.

  3. Still not enough dakka, but it’s a start…

  4. This was made few days before the name was finally decided which is why at the end we were still referring to it as old name but I think you’ll agree that FUBAR suits this kind of devils work just fine xD

    • xbox's content network.

      Flambass, you should try my new tactic some time, i call it *Duckwave Shot*,
      As seen in 1 of my video’s, a prime example:
      you basicly only do this if there only enemies close together at 1 spot, and you can charge from miles away, you like start’s waving from left to right while you’re using your front cannons and you pretty much almost always dodge the incoming Missiles and stuff, then if you get close you may want to torpedo them and then finisj them off how you like!..

    • I politely object, this is BOHICA team. Can’t wait to try it. B.end O.ver H.ere I.t C.omes A.gain

    • +Yebane Brod Ahh, my faith in humanity is restored once again. I thank you ?

    • How about Snafu Crew?

    • MoA-Reload… all good my friend. I am on the wrong side of 30 so slowly getting old. even got some grey hair while I run towards 40 in my Zimmer frame…

  5. wow… i have no words flambass… none.

  6. Bwahahahahahahahahaha, bloody awesome little DD, when will it be for sale on the Asia Server, I want one.

    • It’s standard IJN tier 10 DD, it’s not a premium

    • Flambass love, your channel and twitter as well, only start watching you after Jingles, put up one of your twin brothers attack. I can’t get enough of you and enjoy ur talking even ur swearing. I was an Ozzie Soldier for many years, love the game, not in ur league though, keep the good work up, Cheers.

  7. Fuuuubaaaaaaaaaaaar

  8. no enemy radars… Flambass+division +clanmate with Stalin on green team(division of 4)… what would happen?
    OP he says…


  10. I read Fubar Division and then looked at the video length. 11 mins! 😀
    I knew this was going to be classic Cancer… *Cough*… FUBAR division!

  11. It was funny the first time. I’ve watched it three times now. Do I need help? 😀

  12. You are terrible,terrible people. More please!!!!

  13. I hear Jingles….

  14. Maine Striper Guide

    FUBAR! Better than Cancer! My wife has terminal fourth stage Cancer, so I appreciate the new word to describe the OP division. Thank you!

    • Maine Striper Guide

      Grease Monkey, thank you.

    • Sorry to hear that. hoping all the best for both of you

    • Maine Striper Guide

      DN Nivas thank you.

    • Yes I’m so glad they decided to not target your wife when describing thier fleet composition in the game they’re playing.

    • Maine Striper Guide

      NoNoseProduction Thank you for your reply. Flambass’s decision is actually important. It’s a sign of thoughtfulness for those who are deeply and personally affected by the disease. Losing my wife of 23 years will be personally devastating, so I am grateful for Flambeass’s thoughtfulness around this issue. Sharing this publicly isn’t something I would normally chose to do, but I wanted to thank him personally. I’m pretty sure he won’t read this, but others will. His decision wasn’t a choice he made personally for me, but for everyone who faces the chaos that cancer wreaks on families. It is a decent and thoughtful decision. I hope you and your family never have to face this disease that devastates so many lives. Peace. ✨?✨

  15. was a good game . was taking a break from the Langley and Shokaku . and …. well . I was watching you till then .. yes I do turn off the stream if I get in with you guys .. it’s only fair and right . and i often go out in my Mino with radar just for the giggles 😉 .. you never know Flambass next time ( if RNG lets me ) I might have the Radar ………
    till then
    Keep Calm And Carrier On … 😉
    Ps …. love the new descriptive name for these Filthy Dirty Divs .. Awesome … now I am off to the shower . . . . .

  16. This makes me loose faith in humanity xD

  17. That was like three hemorroids on one butthole.

  18. Did anyone else notice the very slight pause between, “This is the most disgusting thing I think I’ve ever done,” and “in World of Warships?” xD

  19. “We’re going middle ™”
    “We’re going middle ™” is a registered trademark of Flambass, LLC, and can not be used without permission. Severe penalties may apply.

  20. Gg to flambass and his fubar division no matter what ships they sail. Lookin forward to seeing more

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