World of Warships: Fubuki – Point Man

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—– Fancy playing ? —–

As it is a free to play game, you would be silly not to give it a try if it piques your interest!

—– Patch —–

Getting used to sailing the stealthy - Destroyers offered by the Japanese tech-tree can prove rather difficult at first.

As a result, I thought I would analyse a game in which I aim to make the most of the core-traits of this type of to turn the tide of a given match.

The game in question is a Tier VII match on the map where I am sailing out in the Tier VI Destroyer known as the .

The key points to note in my analysis are:

– Using the combined firepower of your fleet’s ships along with that of your own ship to bring down those Destroyers better suited to “knife-fighting”/Destroyer hunting
– Using your superior concealment to contest points and attempt to bait enemy ships onto set paths
– Using your superior concealment to essentially “disappear” from the battle; leading to some members of the enemy team potentially forgetting you are still a part of the match
– Using the potency of your torpedoes to punish the enemy’s capital ships through a combination of torpedo spread and anticipating your opponents’


  1. Nice, the Fubuki is a best!!

  2. Great video, as always!

  3. Lasse Rosenkilde Olsen

    well played! a superior fubuki-chan game 🙂 all it needs is some anime and it would be perfect 🙂

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