World of Warships – Fubuki with Poimane

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on Estuary with Poimane moves out to engage enemies in the west. The Tier 6 Fubuki isn’t as powerful as the old version but it can work out sometimes. I just try to use smoke, islands, and torpedoes to my advantage. Poimane is there trying to help with enemies who show up. Hope you enjoy the game and have a wonderful day!

Tier VI Fubuki Replay


  1. (We got the camo on EU as well)
    Bucky does her best 😀

  2. Poimane has a sexier voice :V


  3. Nots, could you drop a Colorado game? Pls? 😀

  4. Oh the salt at 10:30 LOL!

  5. You guys seem to argue ALOT!

  6. Hey Notser, thanks for sharing! Can you please ban drunkenbum for spamming the comment sections?

  7. The wife handicap is nothing compared to the cat handicap.

  8. Christopher Matarazzo

    notser, like you said last video about the dd`s, would the japs be better if they had like a 1k detection torpedo range and faster reload time… is that realistic? make the torpedos scary

  9. Christopher Matarazzo

    notsers girlfriend is his right hand…because he fires his guns with it*

  10. hey notser can you do a quick tutorial on how to play a CV, I have not played them since the game is come out and open beta. I forget alot and i know there are things im not doing and dont want to suck and be no use to my team. Thanks Chad……. i mean notser lol.

  11. UnexpectedInquisition

    Work up to the Yugumo, before they destroy all Japanese DD with the stealth fire removal. Yugumo has a massive stealth fire buffer, f3 torps, great stealth, Zao-like guns…it and the Akizuki are by far the best Japanese DD tier for tier. Shiratsuyu and Kamikaze are also very good.

  12. I could listen to you guys for ages your sooooooo funny 🙂 thank you Noser 🙂

  13. hey Notser big fan here loving the games with you and Poimane

  14. At 2:55, is that Notser’s real name? Sounded like a slip up from Poimane.

  15. You know that wives really set back you gaming career. Poimane should look into good divorce attorneys and asking his parents if they’re using their basement for something.

  16. 10:24 Haha. I was eating and almost choked I was laughing so hard. “Welcome to my retarded team…” Oh my gosh. Some seven-year-old dirtied his panties. Interesting game, though. Lower tier DD play is still fun. Thanks.

  17. No one else find it fucked up, that his friend thinks the best way to shut up a dog is to mutilate it?

  18. Destroyer Inazuma

    Pan Paka Pan!!!

  19. You’re going to hate me for saying this but I’ve always thought there should be flood damage for “pulling a Notser.” 🙂 Your SA is great and you watch the mini map like a hawk. I’m guessing that you focus on the enemy position and not where your ship is going…haha.

  20. Preston?! There’s so many jokes to be made about that name!

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