World of Warships: Full AA Grozovoi is sooo fun!

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With the 0.8.0 bringing the CV Rework it means that there are plenty of in the sky! So what does that mean?? Time for an Anti Aircraft spec’d Grozovoi. Let’s shoot down planes!


  1. first, nice video, keep up the hard work.

  2. I just 32 on mine today.. and kill vc… because we were on siclon.

  3. Is it worth going for concealment expert on Alabama now that it has been nerfed to 10% or should I go for AFT

    • Concealment is still viable. People will play less CV’s after a while and overall they are not that strong anymore, especially at lower tiers than tier 10.

    • Right now, with the number of CV, you should skip concealment all together for anything but DDs (and you should probably avoid playing DD too). Concealment right now does literally nothing, planes will have you spotted ALL game.

  4. Tommy PlasticFantastic

    no speedflag?

  5. The till key is what you click to choose a different side…there should be no click just press till once and it should switch. Best hot fix ever.

  6. Koalanetze Koalanetze

    would be good to also show your modules on the ship…

  7. Its easy to laugh at people having DD problems when you play this thing. Kagero etc cant slot DefAA or even have good base AA stats

  8. Tomek Wyrąbkiewicz

    40 planes Kill in a freakin DD ?! thats sooo balanced.

  9. You mean not tje emd of rhe world!?!?!?!
    Have tryed playing cv yet?
    Its insaly hard to play and flak is way to high on most ships

  10. The CV’s I’ve seen have already started using the “F” key to save planes. They do one run and then blink out of existence. I had a Roon game last night full AA build and managed only 2 plane kills.
    DefAA and catapult fighters up. There were 2 CV’s and I was attacked multiple times. I’m glad you like this patch … I want to but haven’t gotten there yet.

  11. holy moly is there a kind of maze behind you ? so many doors ?

  12. How do you bring up the screen to switch AA from 100% to one side 150% and other 50%

  13. Alexandre Hans Albert

    Full AA dd are fun as the Kidd.

  14. Mejash, CV’s are NOT a “class”!!!! They’re a ship TYPE!!!!

  15. Mejash, you could do AA sector switching with a single button. Since, IIRC, only 3 options (i.e. left, right, and balanced), they could just let you cycle through those options with multiple presses of the same button.

  16. Well….. *BALANCED*

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