World of Warships – Full French on all fronts

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So I’m playing FR ship, my main oponent will be in a FR ship, we have FR lady talking and I’m learning FR. I also finally got new main monitor ASUS VG278 and it’s a whole new exp for me because it’s 27” and it’s 144Hz, both features I never used before.

Game is good and plenty of funny moments, hope you have fun watching 😉

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  1. Fun how Flambass pronounces “trois” perfectly and immediately says “No, I just don’t know how to pronounce it”, while “un” and “two” were almost impossible to recognize xD

    • He just didn’t get what’s wrong with counting in French. As if it’s about the first ten numbers….
      Btw. Valonian French people can actually count reasonably! Huitante instead of quatre-vingt &c.!

  2. earn deur trois catre sank cease set wheat nerf dis

  3. Actually I’ve heard a countdown from 10 to 0 in French

    I think it was on some sort of hub

  4. Une=oun

    Thank me later with a heart

    • and where i come from
      = un
      = deu
      = trwah
      = qattre
      = sank
      = sies
      = sept
      = wiet
      = neuf
      Dix=diks = dies

    • @erik je lol well im not france i just dont pay attention to my lesson?

  5. I just realized that they really need to get Jingles back to Russia. We need him to narrate his captain in all the available languages. Just imagine Jingles speaking French!

  6. after two minutes into the game one could tell you gonna loose that one. Holy mother of Lemmingtrain =D followed by 3 ships chasing a Ibuki at the (wrong) edge of the map. Oh my oh my^^

  7. My favorite part was that Atlanta not understanding why he got blapped.

  8. 10:45 made my cat bolt out the room ???

  9. Name your cat Smolensk, neuter him and call it a nerf.

  10. Ricky Breckenridge

    “I like the Georgia, but I like this ship better.”- Flambass

  11. 3 French cats went ice skating one day, un, deux and trois. They were having a lovely time untill disaster struck, the ice broke and they all fell into the water. Oh no, Un, Deux, Trois, quatre, cinq.
    Sorry, I only ever remember bad Jokes.

  12. Lol the beginning. Like I said before without being rude. Flambass’ nose makes Yamato’s bow blush lol

  13. As a french it was particulary hilarious ^^

  14. Would’ve been a win if you’d have played the objective.

  15. Great name for your cat “Kitty-Kaze” 🙂

    • So Jingles has his cat ‘Akizuki’ and Flambass has ‘Kitakaze’? Time for us to pressure Flamu into adopting a bobcat and naming her ‘Harugumo.’

  16. 6:10 “maybe his rudder was jammed”

    *laughs in historical accuracy*

  17. 12:36 Flimsy wooden jetty stops 50,000 ton battleship in it’s tracks 😉

  18. Those games where someone gets hit in a DD with less than 1000 HP left right at the start of the game, are dangerous. They are going to be creative, while being a Sneaky SOB.

  19. Not Jean-Bart? Can be Jeanne-Bart. It’s feminine.

  20. “One, two, surrender…” NAILED IT!!!!!!!

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