World of Warships – Full Speed Ahead and Damn the Torpedoes!

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Enemy Battleships neutralised, all that’s left are the Escort Carriers, this should be simple! Yeah….

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System Specs: Core i7 4820-K 3.7Ghz i7 CPU, 16GB DDR3 RAM, 3GB nVidia GTX780 Ti GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution


  1. Garuka Witharana

    52 torpedoes

  2. Why didn’t you use HE when shooting at the carriers?

  3. Hey Jingles why did you fire AP at a carrier and not HE since a carrier has
    pretty much no armor? I havent played this game myself so I have no clue
    what’s more effective and what’s not. Nice video as always btw! :D

  4. SaproPhycs Derpy

    Start eating that ass Jingles, I counted 48 torpedoes fired at you. (not
    counting the 8 in the start because they were not fired at you directly)

  5. I feel it needs to be said that those CV players were a bit inexperienced.

  6. Great video and awesome game jingles!!! Thanks for sharing. For over a year
    now I’ve been watching your videos yet I haven’t been clicking the like
    button 🙁 I owe you so many likes on so many of your videos!!!! I will be
    better about it. Thanks for all of the great videos!!! Which is all of

  7. You were so focused you forgot to switch between HE and AP on those
    carriers! A burning deck can’t launch or receive planes. :)

  8. Kongo is Very good battleship and I like that it is in tier 5. Feels like
    KV-1 waaay back in the day in WoT, troll/stronk machine. Own record is 159k
    damage (No guys, not in KV, but in Kongo).
    But I got to say Jingles, You got some moves like Jagger!

  9. Have you ever played carriers? What’s your opinion on the balance between
    dive bombers and torpedo bombers? Are torpedoes so effective that there’s
    no real point in having dive bombers? That’s kind of the way it seems just
    from watching videos of the gameplay.

  10. As a historical note, the torpedoes that Rear Admiral David G. Farragut
    referred to at the Battle of Mobile Bay [1864] were not modern self-running
    torpedoes, but rather more like floating mines.

  11. Wouter1999 Bresser

    Where to download this game? , i can’t find. 

  12. I love the Secondarys on my ships. When fully upgraded (Admiral Skills and
    improvements) It’s a nice Destroyer Killer….But still -.- damn those

  13. Wow that was great I can’t wait for this game to come out of closed beta
    into open beta.

  14. Gwiber WurmChild

    Confirmed minimum count of 50 torpedoes, I suspect there were more, but you
    couldn’t keep the camera still for a proper count beyond that.

  15. i counted 60+ torpedoes 

  16. 51 torpedoes in the hole game. Your safe, for now

  17. For the love of god, give Rita Gamer’s mum a ring. 

  18. DontFearDaReaper

    Looks like Open Beta may be sooner than later. WG opened some pre-order
    specials this morning where you can buy several new premie ships and gold
    (well-kinda gold). Anyone have an Atlanta class cruiser? Is it worth

  19. Jingles, how would you like to see the German H-44 put in to the game?
    Seeing that the Yamato was 65,000 tons and the H-44 was a predicted 131,000
    tons and still able to reach 30 knots.

  20. Alexander Herrmann

    “F@cking all of them!” I love it!

  21. Ahhh that Kongo quote
    ‘Born in Britain, raised in Japan’ XD

  22. am i the only one who hates wows

  23. Don’t you just love how many different numbers for the Torpedo count come
    up? ^^

  24. I counted 48 torpedoes….where be the arse eating?

  25. I counted 44 torpedoes after the verbal challenge, though to be fair he did
    have some torpedoes launched at him before then. Also Jingles, that first
    carrier driver was utter crap. You don’t launch torpedoes straight at a
    Battleships bow. If it was me, you’d be sleeping with the fishes. 

  26. I have waited 5 weeks and I can’t get into the closed Beta

  27. Battle of Mobile Bay quote. Nice. 

  28. tango secondáme

    ayy l’mao id’s anoder ebin meady jongles bideo fugg bedder ged my fuggen
    beda inbite goads :DDDDDDD

  29. That must’ve been what it was like for the Yamato as she was trying to
    chase down Taffy 3. Escort carriers are no joke! 

  30. i know it is easy to say out of battle riot, but next time you must reload
    HE for carriers to disable their planes while burning

  31. Easy to dodge torps if coming from front. Noob cvs. :D

  32. I’ve got almost 4k experience once … non premium

  33. Jingles, I’d be impressed, but I’ve had the same amount of torpedoes
    launched at me that you have in this video at the same time. I didn’t live
    of course, but it happened.

  34. You should thank the enemy CVs Jingles they were firing mostly at you form
    the wrong angle. With proper manual aim lucky to survive a single salvo.

  35. hi
    Italian battleships ftw

  36. Anyone count the torpedoes?

  37. The carriers launched 42 torps at you… I’m interested to see the next
    video of you in person …

  38. 50-53 torpedoes

  39. jangles it truly is a pleasure watching you handle a battleship like a
    goddamn speed boat while QB’s swimming around like a headless duck. just
    gotta spam that heal ability a bit more =D

  40. its not The Mighty Jingles, its Admiral Jingles! Keep up the good shit mate

  41. 52 torps. Don’t eat your ass jingles XD 

  42. MrGrenade McBoom

    I’m fully aware that you know that the actual quote is “Damn the torpedoes!
    Full Speed ahead!” Now you’re just being cheeky Jingles. Anywys, great
    game, that was pure fun to watch.

  43. I had a game just like that yesterday. But it was my fault for teasing the
    CV’s on how bad they were with the the torps. It sure does get your heart

  44. Jingles quote of the month: “How many torpedoes were launched at me?
    Fucking ALL of them!”


  45. at least 3 torpedoes were fired. Definitely 3 or more.

  46. Jingles. That was rad.

  47. All I’ll say, watch out for the Kitakami. 20 torpedoes each side. Nothing
    like getting trolled by those.

  48. Jingles, I would definitely recommend firing HE at carriers, from all
    classes of vehicles. Carriers have effectively no armor, often resulting in
    overpen, but that is the least of the reasons. Carriers, especially at
    lower tiers, often consist of a low hull of a stripped ship with a raised
    flight deck, resulting in a gap in the middle of the ship that even
    perfectly aimed AP shells can simply fly through. HE can still cause splash
    damage, especially with the larger battleship guns. More importantly, HE
    will most likely set the carrier on fire after a few hits, rendering its
    flight deck inoperable until the fire is put out, preventing those pesky
    torpedo planes from re-arming themselves. Thanks for the videos so far,
    good luck and heff fun

  49. i counted 47 torpedoes, better start eating jingles

  50. FirstMetalHamster

    Looks like your winrate in WoWS isn’t being inflated by QB and Ike, but
    theirs by yours.

  51. Challenge accepted!

    Ingame time – Torp count
    16:35-4 / 14:35-4 / 12:58-6 / 12:27-6 / 11:55-6 / 11:51-4 / 11:18-6 / 10:36-3
    / 9:56-5 / 9:34-6. (Links dont match)

    That amounts to a total of 50 torps that were anywhere near you… wow!
    Wish I could say Bon appetite.

  52. 55 jingles… PREPARE UR ARSE lol

  53. If you use HE against the carriers then there’s a decent chance of setting
    them on fire. Then their planes can’t take off or land. Keep the bombers
    at bay :)

  54. bart van herrewegen

    +The Mighty Jingles it would have helped if you had shot HE instead of AP

  55. Jingles are you expecting people to be able to test American BBs and
    Japanese CVs before the game gets into Open Beta?

  56. jep start eating your own ass

  57. Jingles and Ike having a Kongo line..

  58. Next April Fools day I want to see a Bismarck-class battleship with the
    Schwerer Gustav strapped to the front. THAT will be a fun ship… for the
    one shot you’ll get to fire all match.

  59. Giovanni Battista Ponzetto

    Jingles, you should have shot HE at the carrier, if it catches fire it
    cannot either launch or retrieve airplanes

  60. I feel frustrated everytime Jingles posts a WoW video… what’s the point
    of watching someone playing a game I don’t have access to?
    How many more weeks/months/years/decades must I wait to set sail on WoW?

  61. Jingles will be UNICUM in world of warships haha :)

  62. Damn that a lot of torpedoes. I counted 58 enemy + 6 frendly in the water
    that where heading towards you and you got hit 7 times. 

  63. Fanfreakingtastic game. From my count it was 38 torps fired directly at
    you, not including the ones that delayed your turn right at the beginning.
    Yes I did lose count so it might be more

  64. 47 torpedoes were launched during the game

  65. Nicolas St. Marie

    jingles dodged over 9000 topes

  66. For some reason the only song that came to mind with all those torps was

  67. Needs more torpedos

  68. BlueDrakilicious

    And people say torpedo are OP’d looks like you handled them well. 

  69. I got 42

  70. RemusKingOfRome5

    Torps to the left of him, torps to right, torps front, back ,diag everway
    .. into the valley of brown pants steered jingles.

  71. RemusKingOfRome5

    Torps to the left of him, torps to right, torps front, back ,diag everway
    .. into the valley of brown pants steered jingles

  72. Kirishima is proud of you Jingles…

    Back to coal trasnport Langleys!!!

  73. ive count 87 torps

  74. Fellow Tom Petty fan then Jingles?

  75. I counted 45 torpedoes. Jingles, would you like tomato ketchup, Mustard, BB
    sauce pr anything else with your own arse?

  76. For those who wondering why Jingles didn’t use HE, the answer is probably
    simply: to busy dogging torpedoes than to think about ammunition.

  77. So Jingles, did ya record ya Hello Kitty Online playing from yesterday’s
    Obj 704 fail vid? Just hoped you remembered to hit the START button on
    recording. :D

  78. I counted 54 torpedoes until the second carrier was sunk. Jingles ass=saved
    from om nom nom.

  79. Hey Jingles i would say about 10 spread of 6 = 60 give or take a few torps 

  80. Awesome game!!!

  81. Why you no HE carrier?

  82. I only counted 45 Jingles. i may be wrong. So you wanna eat your hat? vid

  83. The damn torpedo spam is real HAHAHAAHAH

  84. That was like the entire world’s output of anti-ship torpedoes for the year
    of 1939 fired at you. XD

  85. Hey Jingles! Where can I watch your livestreams?

  86. The only Thing that i cant get along in world of warships is that Torpedos
    cant bounce off…

    thats absolutely ridiculous
    and also that ships seem to take fewer damage when theyre on lower health
    wich noone understands why…

  87. I think there was about 60 torpedoes (including the ones before you told us
    to start counting).
    I lost count pretty much exactly when you said “have you lost count yet?”
    There were too many in the water at that time, and the camera angle wasn’t
    good enough to spot and count them all.

  88. wowzers

  89. 301

  90. Michał Starzyński

    Admiral Jingles… if you have fired HE at CV’s you would likely get them
    on fire… which turns off their deck and less torpedo bombers attacking
    your Kongo. Just saying ;)

  91. I counted 60 though out the battle and I watched the vid three times to
    make sure.

  92. You lucky bastard Jingles it was roughly about 60 torpedoes! BTW nice
    videos. :-)

  93. That Destroyer with its AA saved your ass.

  94. +The Mighty Jingles “Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!”, a famous
    order issued by Admiral David Farragut during the Battle of Mobile Bay

    Well this is the title ladies and gentlemen, and it actually sums up all
    the video.

    Rear Admiral Jingles: “Full speed ahead and damn those torpedoes”
    Me: “Aye aye Rear Admiral sir…. damn you Torps!”

  95. Stupidkid Britishperson

    Hey jingles nice video I was wondering if you could do a good the bad and
    the ugly for world of warships :)

  96. ahhh.. the Kongo. the last BB in the tree that´s not fucked up.

  97. Love to have a Kongo meself too but the tier 3-4 Japanese BB are just a

  98. thats a lot of torps..

  99. The jingles way …. Try not to get ramed

  100. 41 torps i think

  101. 79 no every dame one of them

  102. The Beginning in the Chat: “Burning Lovee” Such Poi, very desu

  103. Are you literately going to eat it or just going to eat it?

  104. BattlegroundEuropeUO

    what are the computer requirements for this game? Have they announced for
    people without beta access? And compared to WoT, higher or lower or

  105. Bon appetite sir jingles 

  106. yey now more destroyer videos please

  107. Serious question: shouldn’t you use HE on carriers?

  108. You should consider yourself lucky to survive that at all – Newbie carrier
    players who don’t know how to lead or use manual spreads…

  109. Jingles, I counted a total of 47 torpedoes. And while I would keep you at
    your word.. please do not make a video of you eating your own arse. Youtube
    may not like that.

  110. Love the videos! Aircraft carrier video next possibly? 

  111. I think 53 in total

  112. I had my best game yesterday so far 😀
    7kills, 35 planes shot down in my Cleveland

    I wish I had recorded it :(

  113. I cant wait to play world of warships and that aircraft carrier :D

  114. Malkuth's Gaming

    Counted them all.. A total of 52 torpedoes were sent your way ( 48 from the
    carriers alone )

  115. Kristaps Judeiks

    Oh lord, Closed Captions make everything better. 😀 Ike gets lots of
    mispronounciation love. 2 minutes in and I’m dying.

    edit: 12:11 Jingles admits to have shipped his pants. Where from?

  116. I fear… I’m sorry, but… it were only 47 torpedoes. Mustard or tomato
    ketchup? ;)

  117. There was 44-48 to pods shot at you by the carriers 

  118. I only counted 45 torpedoes in total either I missed 5 or Jingles is going
    to have to serve that arse up on a sliver platter.

  119. Frazer Hartley- Morgan

    Okay Master Jingles, so from the start to the end you had 53 torpedoes come
    with in a 300 meter radius of your battleship. In the fight with the
    aircraft carriers you had 47 torpedoes launched at you. 

  120. I count 50 torpedoes from bombers.

  121. I counted 46 torpedos launched in your general direction. Eagerly
    anticipating the video of you eating your owns arse. Bon appetite.

  122. Excellent sailing mr jingles

  123. Now imagine what Tier VII matches will be like against a Kitakami Premium
    Cruiser. That thing can fire 20 torpedoes on each side at ONCE.She can put
    40 torpedoes in the water every 40 seconds or so…

  124. +The Mighty Jingles

    You were very close to eating your own arse good overlord.

    By my count (Double checked):

    Four ship launched torpedoes at 3:40 *__________________________________**4*
    And visually confirmed 46 airplane launched torpedoes during the
    It is possible there were two more beyond visual range at 8:58_

    For the grand total of *50*(+2) torpedoes intended for Kirishima the Kongo
    class battleship.

  125. I know how many turpedoes
    Got shout and hit you 6 I think

  126. 63

  127. Awesome video Mr Jingles. :)

  128. The Raging Storm

    “IK loves his kongo he doesn’t love it as much as I do, of course. He
    hasn’t given his a name. Mine’s Kirishima” hilarious and I don’t know why.

  129. Admiral Jingles, Sir!
    I count, before you say, “Things are about to get really interesting”, 9
    torpedoes, four of which are fired specifically at you, and the rest at
    you, QB and Ikzor.
    From then on, precisely 44 torpedoes are launched at you specifically, with
    four more left over from a salvo on another ship in close proximity.
    Verdict: Unfair stetpedder- he kemp sea bush! Also, I sincerely hope you
    told your crew to put their heads between their legs and kiss their arses
    goodbye, because, assuming each torpedo has 243kg of TNT (source- googled
    tnt yield of ww2 torpedoes), they launched around 12,400kg of TNT. Thats a
    Kiloton Yield that most people associate with nuclear weapons!

  130. after you said that we should start counting, about 32-34 torpedoes :D

  131. Daniel Derpinson

    you see that scumbags of wot? (arty suiciding at the end of the battle)
    and youre being a scumbag and you suicide!

  132. I got 57 torpedoes 

  133. ThaMightyJangles_RIP_moot

    Poi desu~~~?

  134. Do smoe aircraft carrier reviews 

  135. endless wave of torpidos.

  136. how many torpedoes guys

  137. BSM Iron (Panzer) Lawl

    Naming her Kirishima already? My my Jingles, you’re doing well! :D

  138. I think maybe there needs to be points earned added for evading close
    torpedoes. If the warning sounds for torpedoes is scripted then you can
    probably script in an evasion reward… It does take skill to dodge them! 

  139. Well, Jingles, looks like you found a game in which you are better than QB

  140. Hey Jingles is there some reason why you weren’t firing HE at those

  141. I counted 39 torpedoes launched at Jingles… I shall gather the minions to
    watch our overlord eat his own arse, we shall mine much salt tonight.

  142. jingles please do a video on the aimbot that is already circulating in the
    forums and WG refusing to ban it

  143. too many torpedoes for 1 battleship

  144. 53-57 torpedos launched in your direction. No eating of arse :(

  145. Dam them torpedoes

  146. Every time I see you having fun in World of Warship, I wish to play this
    game more and more.

  147. I counted 41 ^*^ (yes, I have a life ;*;)

  148. 44 torps by my count

  149. Key please 😉 but seriously, always turn into the bombers when they drop
    the torps, they will always miss or they wont activate, and always hit
    carriers with HE set them on fire and they cant launch or land planes.

  150. Full Speed Ahead got me excited for the open beta being out. It wasn’t. 

  151. I counted 37 Torpedoes….you?

  152. I counted 43 from just the planes 

  153. I counted 38 torpedos from those carriers. Here is a spoon Jingles, you may
    now commence eating your own arse.

  154. 50+ don’t have to eat your arse Jingles

  155. I think you should be happier that those carriers had no idea how to do
    proper bombing. A good carrier player would have launched torpedo’s from
    both of your sides. But nice dodging nonetheless

  156. Great game there Jingles – WP!
    and thank you for sharing it :D

  157. Awesome vid Jingles!

  158. I was once in my Kongo and a full platoon of independances (3 of them)
    launched all their torpedo bombers at me at once from different angles.
    Thats 6 torpedo squadrons full of torpedos (36 torpedos at once).
    I had time to write an “OH FUCK” in chat before i died.

    I cried afterwards.

  159. Jingles, I only counted 47 torpedoes, not 50+!
    …. Jingles?

  160. 43. Would you like ketchup with your arse? (not counting the ones dropped
    before you said to start counting otherwise +8 to score from the first
    spread at 3:50 and second spread at 6:10 i.e. Score = 51, from 6:50 onwards
    are what I counted.)

  161. it is not a Omaha but a Kuma

  162. 49 torpedos

  163. Caveat – writing this before I finished the video…in case it gets

    Jingles – Have you had any encountered any opponents with the aim assist
    mod that is currently being discussed on the CBT/General forums? and what
    is your opinion on this mod?

  164. I got 43 Jingles. 

  165. Jingles, you have not done aircraft carriers yet. Is the macro to stronk
    for even the great Jingles?!

  166. Jingles do all your ships have names? If so is the Langley carrier “slow
    poke” :)

  167. i only counted 49 torpedoes…

    give video of you eating your own arse or i will unscrubscribe and file a

  168. 38 torpedoes from carrier alone. Jingles you lucky bastard. 

  169. I feel like the guy saying “Burning loveee” at the start is a reference to
    something. Anyone care to tell me to what?

  170. death from… above is the wrong word

  171. How much does a good Escort cost?

  172. Jingles, those carriers held all our salt! No pay-check this week.

  173. I like pie… And turtles


  175. ramming speeeeeeeeeeeeed

  176. The view counter hit the 301+ mark

  177. Jingles it would be cool if, for the 100th MWJ, you do a draw my life/house
    tour and daily routine thingy.

  178. OnceUponATimeThereWasAPersonWithALongUsername.TheElongationOfThatUsernameWasPlainlyLegendary

    aah jingles, you and your love of silly anime. You are weird.

    i like you anyway :)

  179. A little question for mister Jingles:

    What do you thin should/will be the different nations strong points and
    weak points?
    I assume that, additional to US and Japan, will get: Germany, Uk, Russia,
    France and Italy.
    Since there are probably next, let’s start with the germans.

    I suspect that Germany will be a long range fire nation with good accuracy
    in long ranges and a focus of cruiser/battleships.
    Probably gonna get the german carrier (never build) as premium ship.

    What do you think sir?

    PS: sorry for posting it twice.

  180. i’m in my mums car

  181. TheMighty Peacock

    It’s laaaate jingles let me sleep

  182. giant nacho from space

    sooo…. no hello kitty online?

  183. This is uber rare. I literally just got on. Vid’s only 2 minutes old and
    already has 65 views, 3 likes, 6 comments. Though two of them are idiots
    going “1st” or “2nd”.

  184. I like pie anyone else ?

  185. Early today jingles

  186. Interesting choice of name. Planning on taking on a pair of North
    Carolina’s at close range any time soon?

  187. I was 7th

  188. BEFORE 300 yes!

  189. I was about to post a “First!” comment then realised by the time I posted
    it would be like the 17th comment. So I’ll go with this. Loving all the
    World of Warships content at the moment since War Thunder is a bit scarce.

  190. Jovulj Jovanovic

    Hello :)

  191. Awesome as usual 😀 and yes below the top 10 ^^

  192. Ayy lmao

  193. Literally just finished watching yesterday’s video…

  194. Lovely Torps

  195. Good morning everybody.

  196. 1st:)

  197. YEA under 301 club :D

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