World of Warships – Fun and Engaging Experience

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Here is just 1 of those where you run into fun police straight at the start and won’t let you go entire match. What a “fun” and “engaging” experience this is gonna be…

“Enjoy” and have “fun” watching…

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  1. haven’t even watched it yet and I can tell from the title it’s about CVS

    • @Not Tzeentch Don’t forget detonations.

    • @Not Tzeentch Was sailing my Kurfurst the other day and a Swedish destroyer torpedo detonated me on full HP. I just sat there for about a minute then just noped out of the game.

    • @Quantum Shock “As of Update 0.7.2, ships that are above 75% of their starting health cannot be detonated. They must fall below 75% in order to have a chance of detonation.”
      from WG wiki. Maybe you got hit by a couple of them though before you blew up. They should just remove this entire detonation thing.

    • @Not Tzeentch Detonation used to be the first “fun and engaging” meme, and still is a good meme. But CVs took the throne by far. CVs are much more common and cancer than detonations (not that detonations are fine, at least they are rare and there is a flag for them. I would like a flag for “-100% chances of having a CV this game”)

  2. You know WG watches this and goes “see you survived, the CV couldn’t finish you off. Balansss”. Way to go fighting through all that crap Flambass, at least you occupied the CV’s time and helped secure the dub

  3. i hope there is a mode in the future with no CVs
    boy would that be fun

    • @Anthrax WG at its finest

    • @Anthrax They did so great that both parties were pissed off by that arty rework. Kinda like the CV rework, un-surprisingly.

    • @Redthorne I remember. I was pretty active both in the game and in the forums from open beta to release. At some point I realized WG would never go to the root of the problem of the toxicity provided by arty, then I left.
      Imagine designing a game mechanic that does the exact opposite of your intended goal while creating more problems? That is WG creating the previous worst game mechanic in history of gaming. Then, they went the extra mile and created CVs, to prove they can outdo themselves.

    • Its called wows legends on consoles. No CV

    • CV’s vs. Subs… sounds like the place they should all go.

  4. I was excited to work my way up to the Shima, currently on the Fubuki but its hard to play when CV’s come after you the whole game. Plus for me I always get targeted 🙁 feels bad man

    But hey, Cv’s are balanced so why should I complain XD

  5. Torpedo DDs are really out of the meta at the moment with CVs. Shimas in this ranked season are being nuked, you can play around other peoples radar, you can’t play around another player able to consistently spot you from the air.

    And before someone says it, I know unicums can still make it work, my point is other DDs with stronger AA or better utility are just dominating the statistical averages.

    • the only place shima has in wows now is in Kots because CVs are banned lol. Shimas are pretty common there, which goes to show that CVs really do ruin the meta

    • drake consumer of souls and cheese strings

      @Andrew Duan or it just shows that without CVs, DDs would dominate and we would end up in a vicious cycle

    • @drake consumer of souls and cheese strings yeah. DDs domintate. Because radar, hydro, SAP, russian railguns and gunboat DDs are not enough to keep those stealthtorpers in check.
      L2P man, and quit driving CVs.

    • drake consumer of souls and cheese strings

      @MeMySelfAndEye I’m using legends as a base here, but the japanese DDs outshine almost everything else. Besides this, theres 3 lines that have radar, with one being the pan-euro DD which is just ok, hydro is a joke since you’re still going to get hit regardless of whether or not you can see them, sap is on a single line that gets targeted as soon as its spotted and using DDs to fight DDs only makes the problem worse

    • @drake consumer of souls and cheese stringslegends is very different to PC in that people generally know how to counter DDs. The difference is that while DDs and CVs have similar jobs and both would be equally important, the DD must actively put itself in danger in order to do its job. If you see KOTS, the DD is actively supresses by the presence of Radar CLs which force the DD to play around the other ships. Without CVs, the gameplay revolves roughly around the concept of, DD cap, and contest objectives which wins games, while dealing damage on the side, CLs and CAs counter DDs and attempt to hunt them down or deny objectives, but lack the HP or stealth to contest actively, while BBs counter other BBs and CL/CAs. There is alot more nuance to the gameplay loop, but that is how things generally are, and that is why the DD is usually the most important ship class in the game, while not being OP. As is, CVs can do everything the DD, besides capping, as well as everything every other ship can do without putting themselves in any danger or incurring any opportunity cost for taking any actions, which leads to slow, campy, boring games.

  6. You’re obviously wrong. Spreadsheet says is balans. LOL…. DD life 2020

  7. thats why carriers are the besetest thing in the game currently. Makes everyone happy, and funner.

  8. Mannnn this vid has deep feelings lol I have been having such games in literally every single dd game fml🤣

  9. And there were even 2 people more useless than Flambass. This game showed everything wrong with this game.

  10. This is exacly why i quit playing destroyers.

  11. I stopped playing 3 years ago when I realized it was funner to watch Flamby than actually playing the game.

  12. This is something every CV player in the world should watch.

    This is exactly what we’re talking about when we say CVs are unfun.

    • Consumerism_Is_A_Scam

      He could’ve:

      -Smoked up
      -Played closer to his AA
      -Played farther back until the CV committed his rockets
      -Turned earlier into rockets (1:48 hes literally showing flat broadside into rocket planes)

      I play DDs and CVs give me almost no trouble because your detectability range is literally shorter than their rocket plane attack run distance and you can smoke up easily/play near your AA ships instead of pushing out alone. You don’t really need to spot as a DD in a CV game because your CV will spot for you anyway and since there is only 1 cap this game hes not in a rush to push up.

    • Consumerism_Is_A_Scam You boy, have got to be shitting me! You are actually brain dead or are currently in The 3rd grade. He was reading the info on the ship when he was detected and wasn’t paying attention. Once he realized that the CV was going for him, he started turning to port, or left. So no he was not showing broadside lmao.

    • Grimmshred Sanguinus

      Well the problem isnt only about cvs but the AA ships when they used to rekt whole squadrons with full AA build or even 1 def AA
      Even if div with 3 worstrs or minos or des moines your div still cant destroy the damn unlimited planes BECAUSE the op smolensk or thunderer or conq will have rekt whole AA guns…

    • @Thomson T Imagine being so bad at at the game that you allow a Yamato to sneak up 6 km away from your hull.
      Besides being bad at the game, a Yamato popping up 6 km away from any cruiser is virtually a death sentence for said cruiser. And most DD’s. And most BB’s. Why should CV’s be any different?

    • @Consumerism_Is_A_Scam This might be a stronger stance if CVs weren’t made to repel CVs themselves. Despite the fact that in war the #1 danger to CVs were other CVs, in WoWS CVs are discouraged from attacking other CVs. They get high AA, default fighter defense, and long duration auto-triggering damage control. A CV should have to worry about using overlapping AA as much as any other ship, but in practice they have the least to fear of any ship class, being at the back of the map with the best AA. CVs should have to worry as much about being alone as any other ship, instead of being able to just park in the back or behind an island all match.

  13. A Google User anonymous

    Lol when Flambass gets roasted, you know there is something wrong. Combo of crappy ship+CV.

  14. Surely the year of the carrier is up by now, put them back to the way they were or get rid of them lol

  15. It’s funny how AA gets shot off for “realism” but CVs just regenerate their planes with their onboard plane factory.

    • I love how people don’t seem to realize they have about as many planes as they did before rework, just spread over time

    • @starw1nd I love how some people don’t seem to realize that pre-rework CV’s had a similar number of planes, but up to 1/3 of those were fighters with no strike capabilities. Unlike today’s CV’s that have more strike planes and somehow fighters don’t take up any hangar space and can still spot like pre-rework fighters.
      I love how current CV’s have what is essentially an Arms Race heal buff ticking throughout the whole game (regenerating planes) but if you reach 0 HP (0 planes) you still don’t die, you just have to wait 2 minutes.

      I love how some people make the same disingenuous arguments over and over again despite being proven wrong multiple times instead of acknowledging that CV’s are just fundamentally broken.

    • @starw1nd Bullshit. I’ve watched matches of hyper-aggro CVs then looked up the historical numbers. They’re often losing 2x as many planes as the maximum capacity and 3x as many as the historic air wing.

  16. Makes me glad I quit playing this crap and I didn’t even play on PC.

  17. This happened to me in my Benson earlier. Right at the start I’m around the cap and BOOM shokaku rockets come out of nowhere, my other DD doesn’t help me with AA even tho he’s spotted, half my health is gone, I get shot at by cruisers, and the rockets finish me off. What a game. It was on this same map as well. It just pisses me off even in an American ship which are supposed to have better AA, there is absolutely jack shit I can do when a cv is in the game.

  18. And this is literally why I dont play dds anymore. It’s just not fun

  19. Why are there still CVs in the game. I would play this game a lot more if they weren’t in.

  20. The whole games like this now i find! OP ships and cv’s, HE spamming back of the map cruisers, AA that does nothing! ive been away from the game for 2 days, when i logged out i was fine, i logged back in on 26/9/2020 to find i have been banned from playing for 5 days! if its not the cv’s just shitting on dd’s its the flawd report system thats in game! you can report anyone for anything, so in WG eyes, your guilty right away! no evidence needed! getting really fed up with this game now!

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