World of Warships Fun Compilation || All Skill no Luck #12 Panzerknacker

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  1. Download the app and get your free Doubloons for World of Warships!
    Use my invite code: pzqqa for bonus Doubloons. I think this app is actually a great idea. It works and is completly free. if you have any questions you can just ask here in the comments if you like.

  2. Damn, the damage in that Khabarovsk game at the start haha

  3. The compilation is good but you can do a better Mix with the music and regroup different type of death and wtf moment and plays

    • jup true 😉 my video cutting software likes to crash when i get to crazy with that…need to try out some new for the compilations.

  4. What is the music’s name?

  5. Khaba with damage but normal consumables kek

  6. The material is pretty funny and so but the music gives me earcancer…

  7. Fun and engaging mechanics

  8. Ausgesichtnet!  Wonderful laughs!  Great gratitude for the grin I have now!

  9. Hi, do you ask me for a code? as I do? because I downloaded the application right now, I need some doubloons. Thank you

  10. Detonation and win ratio = Skill

  11. That Tirpitz at 1.39 😂😂

  12. 哈哈 頭文字D嗎 狂!~

  13. Good video and want to see more, but… the blur transition is a bit overused. It hurt my eyes after a while.

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