World of Warships Fun Compilation || All Skill no Luck #13 Panzerknacker

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  1. had some problems editing…so its not how i made it in my mind ^^ anyway some pretty funny things so i show it to you – have fun and a nice day!

  2. *QUAK* Nice Video I laughed my a** off

  3. Love the concept of fun compilation, its always funny !
    Thanks for this first .

  4. 0:10 do you even Yama citadel weak point? Guess not.

  5. Excellent montage please do it more often !!!

  6. all rng help

  7. WoWS is still as fun and engaging as ever. Gotta love this game.

  8. 1:46 Wooaahhhjj that’s my clip! Thx for it Panzer!

  9. Amazing Blyatman [Tim R.]

    Illuminati confirmed i watched pirates of the carribian 3 yesterday ?

  10. Nice montage – Must think of Scooter in future to place my shots better 😉

  11. 4:40 man I would’ve loved to see chat for that

  12. Paul Mihai Bobonici

    I needed a compilation like this….after a shitty day in WOWS.Good job

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