World of Warships: Fun In Clan Battles

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Some goofs and other fun and interesting moments from our clan battles with PRAVDA. Even includes a TK. Just don’t be too hard on him.

World of Warships footage of the tier 10 German destroyer Z-52.


  1. Did ya feel the heat ???!!!

  2. 5:18 why did you get 10 shatters?

  3. Aviraviraviraviravir

  4. Aerroon, who is the owner of the weird english accent (‘neverreverreverrreverr’) ?? I cannot place it… flemish, scottish, … ??

  5. What Zao did in the first clip is considered felony in my country. Probably dumbest move I ever witnessed in CW.

  6. I can almost see Aerroon’s smug face whenever an enemy destroyer smokes againsts his Z-52…

  7. This was hard to watch.

  8. I dont know why they didnt even shot you when they facing certainly spotted, even gearing!?

  9. That gearing in the 2nd clip was dumb. Dumber than your team mate torping his own team. Why didn’t that gearing ever realize he isn’t getting away and to shoot his guns? GAH!!! He could have killed you if he had fought back sooner. But no, he wanted to torp you and then idiotically try to run away. He smoked like an idiot too…

  10. Those Zao torps from the second line. Wow, just wow.

  11. Jesus that Zao at the start…Found the standard IJN Cruiser…er “player”

  12. Let’s thank TSUN for stealing 80% of our competent players 🙂

  13. 2:58 WTF are they crazy???
    2 Gayring less advantage in C kek

  14. I wish I had the Z-52 for clan battles. would be fun to play.

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