World of Warships Fun Montage #42: No mercy!

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That moment when you get 2 supercontainers from Yamamoto (+1 random) and it’s still garbage… I hope you enjoyed and see you next time.


  1. 9:07 i laughed too hard.

  2. why the theme of ARK is here ??

  3. Lol, I got 100 dragon flags and 2 weeks of premium with my supercontainers

  4. Why did you replace more more lovers? 🙁

  5. OMG that clip with the bird nearly made me choke,bloody brilliant!

  6. this shows how good the Montana ist armored.( 2:50)

  7. Thanks for the double feature 😀 But the competition sure is getting tough, I must up my quality!

  8. 8:54 Physics, you had ONE JOB.

  9. This bird was just brilliant i laughed so hard 😂

  10. aren’t we all a bit stupid?

  11. no Anime girls in this and previous epi??? I disapprove senpai!

  12. that feeling when your clip doesnt get featured ;_;

  13. I got worried there wasn’t going to be a screaming marmot. You didn’t disappoint.

  14. Where the nuuuuu at?

  15. Влад Гребенщиков

    За вставочку с русским треком плюсик)

  16. AYYYYYE you put my game in there how did you like the ship beats 8:30 closest thing i’ve ever seen thanks Twannieboy

  17. That was the “ARK” music that was played while the torpedobeats right ?

  18. “Why you do this?”
    Because Fuck you I’m Twannie that’s why.

  19. Костя Рыков

    pls advise whats that track with laughing man in the very end, when phoenix wreks two other ships?

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