World of Warships Fun Montage #52: A Matter Of Seconds

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Survived 19 circles around the sun 😀 I hope you enjoyed see you next time.

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  1. Happy Birthday

  2. A glorious celebration of circling around the flaming ball in space for another full calendar, my good friend!

  3. Happy Birthday! also 4 Devstrikes in 5 Salvos wtf? Didnt expect a sealclubbing Malhoon to beat my Nagato…

  4. Happy birthday dude and pls upload more videos in future.

  5. Happy birthday, dude!

  6. Happy birthday my friend 🙂

  7. Häppy börthdäy tuuu yuuuu

  8. Happy birthday you are the best ;D

  9. Happy Birthday (2nd)

    And gg Vescault for this first clip xD oneshot by a friendly yamato ahah
    and the 2nd one not bad too, WASD not found 😉

  10. boristhebarbarian

    Happy birthday

  11. Happy Birthday, man;; mine was yesterday

  12. happy birthday
    btw anyone has a build for secondary xD

  13. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    Happy day of ur name oh magnificent edited*

  14. you get a birthday, we get the presents. Ty!

  15. Happy birthday 😀 mr.devasting strike 🖒 i love your videos

  16. Happy birthday 🙂

  17. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Twannieboy!!

  18. EpPpy Birdtday!11!
    Wau wau!

    But seriusly, good channel, keep it up :)!

  19. 9:56

  20. Happy Barney huh Birthday 😀

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