World of Warships Fun Montage CW #51: ”He Is A Des Moines Though”

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Sorry for my recent absence in montages and sorry in advance for the next 3 weeks absence, school is a little busy. But I’m back with Wars. I hope you enjoyed and see you next time.
Download the app and use my invite code: “pndqa” for bonus Doubloons.

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  1. Can i send my own cw things aswell? :3?

  2. Василия Радио

    Hello from Russia, thanks for the mood, I love your videos

  3. The chicken killed the game. And me.

  4. In Soviet Russia, Montana goes to you!

  5. They found Lexington’s (CV-2) wreck in the coral sea.
    Just spreading awereness.
    Nice video though.

  6. *sees new twannie video* YES!!!!  *sees that it’s it clan wars* Crap – I hope he’s not playing against us!

  7. The lady lex has been fund

  8. I started playing WoW, which ships would you say are good “Brawling” ships. Like which countrytype should I use?

  9. First triple Zao and now Vikings is at it again with the weird Currywurst picks?

  10. Winner winner chicken dinner, very nice.

  11. finally man, where have you been

  12. 7.24 Movie Will Smith???

  13. 3:47 What did you sacrifice to RNGesus to get that kinda dispersion? ;D

  14. Tiến Trần Việt

    Nice video, tks bro. But I want to see more torpedobeat

  15. solowarrior with 15k … lol

  16. 2:49 … keep in mind that there are people who complain about BBs being underpowerd 🙂

  17. that chickennoise xD
    nice monty shots twannie btw ! ^^

  18. AntlanticStrawberry

    Yay number 51

  19. 2:19 who is she?

  20. You call that close? We had a situation where we capped C on islands of ice with 1.5 seconds to spare before an enemy Hindenburg entered the cap. It killed our desmo putting the enemy up at 999 points. We traded back their desmo shortly after and moved on to win that one. Still, having the game at 999 points for about a minute (enemy didn’t have a cap left) was very, very intense. Especially since I had dealt 160k in my Shima and claimed 11 torp hits and a kill.

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