World of Warships Fun Montage: Sailing Spaghetti Monsters Enter

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SAP vs DDs *insert Italian hand gesture*
I hope you enjoyed and see you next time.


  1. Sorry for my long absensce, but now I’m back as my vacation is over and uni has started again 🙁
    Until the next one! (hopefully soon :P)

  2. So Ohio has the second largest guns in the game. Where’s the H44 with it’s 508mm guns? (H42 or H43 might be better)

  3. I’m italian, I love italian ships and I like the italian montage in the video

  4. SurvivalMasterMABJ Gaming

    Great video Twannieboy ?

  5. yeaaaaaaaaa
    the return 😀

  6. so….much…BALANCE!

  7. 5:43 im confused…Should it be like this?

  8. Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeey finally a new video 😀

  9. Another hilarious production TB. Thanks!

  10. “Hey this is Notser!” Lost it.

  11. 7:15 what’s that voice
    i only know that used to Japanese HOMO meme
    like Medji Kara Senpai ( the upgrade Yaju Senpai )

  12. Wait, where is the MM!! ending song for the torpedobeats?!?!?!

  13. lol Great vid Twannieboy! Loved the Notser part haha!

  14. Does anybody know what song his old torpedobeat was??

  15. Everybody gangsta till you realize theres nothing CV meta won t ruin

  16. Wtf is with the stupid pause of the pic of Littorio and a loud ship horn? imo its very annoying

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