World of Warships Fun Montage – Twannie’s Worst Of 2019

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I hope y’all had a great 2019 and let’s have a great 2020! Here are my ”worst” moments of 2019. I hope you enjoyed and see you next time.


  1. Gnevy best DD

  2. Where are all your old videos on your channel? Quite a lot seem to be missing…

  3. What means that the worst moments are made out of your replays…and one from MFG?…

  4. Is there a chance that you are streaming ? Or am I just blind and can’t find you on Twitch…

  5. CVN-65 USS Enterprise

    I’m going to be that person who has to ask what the song is at 2:00, I’m sorry

  6. “warspite just looks at me and my ship explodes” – Belli Dura Despicio! (only Azur lane fans will understand…)

  7. Merry christmas dude

  8. Twannie the train

  9. I thought the final joke was hilarious

  10. I see the Emperor of Mankind and TTS, i press like.

  11. Happy boxing day! By the way, has anyone heard of a game called Castle Glory: Dragon Kingdom?

  12. Okay need some help here. @2:32 has Soyuz always had radar? I can’t see anything listing radar for her but there appears to be a radar consumable here. Confused.

    • During testing of the Russian BB’s, they were tested with a special Radar (could only detect BB’s and CV’s). This consumable was removed during testing and didn’t make it to live release.

  13. Shit i miss 70K Hp Azuma

  14. So is it like a obligatory qualification or something that if you play WOWS, you must play either kancol or Azur Lane or both?

  15. Such a toxic speech

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