World of Warships – Fun with Furries

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Three questions should be uppermost in your minds for todays’ video. 1. Will the title get me into trouble with YouTube’s algorithm? (If you’re watching this on Floatplane, probably not) 2. Haven’t we seen that end screen before and 3. Did that Kleber ever set a smokescreen?

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  1. I thought the title implied something completely different when I read it.

  2. High Priest of Keebler

    huh. furries. should be interesting.

  3. Here’s hoping that Youtube’s algorithm doesn’t start believing I want to see anything about Furries because of this title.

  4. 11 out of 12, 7 out of 8… I can’t believe you’ve missed a “Seven of Nine” joke opportunity.

  5. When I saw the title I thought jingles had lost it

  6. Sailors: “Captain we are under fire what shall we do”

    Cptain: “meow, meow”

  7. Loved the extra catmentary 😀

  8. The Akizuki photobombs are classic.

  9. 09:45 Of course its the japanese who wants to find some furry fun.

  10. Actually jingles, if you look at the mod counter when the second cap flips, you’ll see that the friendly team’s icon went from empty to filled, indicating that as things stood, the friendly team would win on points when the battle timer expired. Even when the Yamato was killed, you see that neither team’s icon was filled, indicating that if time expired, the game would end in a draw.

    *hears shotgun racking* Jingles?

    • Sad trombone plays in background…

    • The british arent allowed pump action shotguns….

      You heard something else.

    • @QTeafunny Actually I think he is right. Go back to 5:12. Green has a cap and more points. So their diamond is solid. Then a friendly ship dies and the reds have more points but their diamond is still solid because they have a cap while a friendly is trying to flip the red cap. Then both teams are flipping each other’s caps. No points are coming in, both clocks are blank, but the solid diamond switches to the enemy team since they have more points at the moment none are coming in.

    • @QTeafunny You are correct, I did the math. Look at 1:31 (90 seconds of the match left), at this exact second the team is awarded 9 points. Points are awarded every 5 seconds, so 754+90/5*9=916 points, which is more than the enemy’s. The last nine points would come at the very last second, extremely close, but still a win.
      I hope I didn’t miss anithing, I’m usually terrible at these things

  11. Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli Quetzalcoatl

    14:40 time stamp for future generations who might want to do research on the strategic capabilities of cats.

    • Well, cats are felines, born predators familiar with things like stealth, ambushes, efficient ways of killing.

      Meanwhile 99% of the playerbase of WOWS are born as brain damaged blithering idiots who aren’t able to find their ass even if using both hands, written instructions and a map in broad daylight….

    • Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli Quetzalcoatl

      @ramjb I couldn’t have said it better. Then again, that’s part of the fun in WOWS ^^

    • Just confused the hell out of my cat who has now found the culprit…in the window…his own reflection…

  12. It appears that the Z-52 was most likely trying to “Win Harder” !

    • You can see the win indicator switching between each team. The game was so close at that point that it would have depended where in the tick cycle the game was when time ran out. To ensure victory, the Z-52 had to get the kill, and same for the Henri. The DD just went about it in the wrong way. Should have torped from outside detection range until the last possible moment and then resorted to guns. Or ambushed the Henri as it came around an island. But it would have been hard either way.

    • ​@Bryan Jonsson Draw or FF win. The instant before he sunk the Z-52 he was 126 points behind, which is exactly 9*14 in 70 seconds with 75 on the clock. It all would come down to getting that last +9 to end at 916 and that was way too close to call.

    • @danmerillat I agree it was too close to call, and since in the heat of the moment I doubt either player was willing to get out a calculator and figure out exactly how the points were going to end up, each had to go for the kill.

  13. I swear, that cat makes some good points 😀

  14. Jingles to WoW players: my cat is smarter than you.

  15. Geoffrey Entwistle

    I feel like “some of the enemy ships are starting to take an interest in FurryFun” is an amazing out-of-context quote from Jingles… XD

  16. Jingels:”… catch and kill…”

  17. I heard his cat and started looking around for our cat

  18. “Onree the Fourth?” ACKtually, Jingles, it’s “Onree CATre”, or “Henry The Fourth.” Stay crap, Jingels.

  19. Jingles: “The enemy team have a radar, the friendly team doesn’t”
    Jingles approximately two minutes later: “Minotaur radar”

    • Well, he did suggest that it was a ‘memeotaur’ and that they don’t usually have a radar. Whether that is right, I do not know.

    • @CallioNyx Minotaurs have a choice between smoke and radar, so given how fragile british cruisers are its veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery risky to not take the smoke. Which is why its more common for them to choose smoke, just to survive easier. Usually Minotaurs only tend to take radar if they’re in a division with someone who can provide smoke for them. ^.^Just to clarify for those that don’t know why its uncommon for Minotaurs to take radar.

    • I forgot you like WoWS too, sup chief, haven’t seen anything of you since I left WT, sorry xd

    • Fun with Furries in the title, Scottish Koala in the comments… *COINCIDENCE?!*

    • Wojciech Dubrownik

      ​@CallioNyx In the last T10 ranked I’ve seen quite a lot of memeotaurs, up to the point I had to treat every one of them as a potential radar threat.
      They’re rare in randoms, but in ranked their stealth radar is murdery.

  20. “His team have just killed the enemy Gearing, which is the second enemy destroyer to die because they killed one two minutes ago while I was talking about something else.”

    “The friendly Burgoyne is heading into almost certain destruction…and, yes, the Burgoyne has now been destroyed forty seconds ago.”

    Oh Jingles, never change.

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