World of Warships Funniest Clips #11

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World Of Warships meme compilation made out of my funniest live streams clips is finally here! Funniest Memes 11!

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  1. Dani you are my favourite youtuber to watch funny moments 👍Great video and good job 😎

  2. Before there was Doge Coin,
    There was Rusev with his Dodgin’ Coin.

  3. I swear the rng lately is anti citadel perfect broadsides aim waterline and almost miss the superstructure and no cits just overpens
    That was my dispersion for entire gk line

  4. Jiannis Cheliotis

    Danis reaction on the first gneisevau salvos is perfect for angry dani-chan on t-shirt.change my mind

  5. I hate that too when I’m below 6 km to an enemy giving me full broadside I fire the full salvo and 0 hit. It goes over under everywhere possible just not at the target.

  6. Greetings from Panama bro you always get me a laugh xdd

  7. 6:35 + Gordon Ramsay: “What are you?” – Georgia: “I’m an idiot sandwich.”

  8. Greetings my Bulgarian counterpart

  9. ShayTheSwift_ 432

    Bruh that Gneisneu dispersion💀

  10. japanese bbs are weird i tought it was just my damn luck but they tend to more accurate at long range and they turn into a german bb at close range

    i tested it a lot and i can confirm this is not just my damn luck it happened with every japanese bb during my testing
    so do not brawl with japanese bbs they are just for yeetin at long range
    except yamato she is still accurate enough to do the job

    btw it is not my shitty aim i am doin fine with other bbs
    except german battleships but battlecrusier tree is a blast
    the only kinda bad ship is the zieten

  11. Tell the guy who wants to be unbanned, to stay in school and play less video games because apparently something is really taking a toll on his education….

  12. 03:47 I almost choked, because I was eating suddenly heard this BGM in your video. If u from +62 country u will know what the BMG mean 🤣🤣🤣

  13. Владислав Б

    Играет классно, мастерски Данила!
    Транслирует эмоции отлично.
    Как в анимешном стиле это мило!
    Порою, даже Мега сверх эпично.

    Момент забавный: вот линкор идёт,
    Ненужную торпеду ловит в кончик…
    Кричит Данила: “Вот я – идиот”!
    Игра, тем временем: ” Так точно “!

  14. 6:27 Moral Orel for the win!!!

  15. 3:10 The same thing happens with all German battleships that have 2 turrets hahaha

  16. That Georgia was a absolute monke

  17. Nice hat! Where did you get it? I want one. 🙂

  18. Michael Søndergaard

    long time since ive seen one of your videos.
    it was fun.

  19. Anyone else got a 5 citadel hit using rockets on t4 battle, just me?

  20. Krzysztof Grądalski

    Dani, you are experiencing something that I have been facing since the beginning

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