World of Warships Funniest Clips #12

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World Of Warships meme compilation made out of my funniest live streams clips is finally here! Funniest Memes 12! Install Raid for Free ✅ Mobile and PC: and get a special starter pack 💥 Available only for the next 30 days 💥

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  1. You always make me jelous when i watch this 😛 But i like it and it funny Great video and good job Dani 😀

  2. Love these clip montages!!!! Keep going Dani!!!!!😁👍

  3. Daniel deck anything and everything that is russian(ships)

  4. Best Moment 10:13

  5. 10:00 Love how he put the maznik in the bottom right. Na Baba would be proud!

  6. Hitting a Kleber at TWENTY FOUR KILOMETERS…dan what *are* you

  7. 3.12 to skip one of the longest raid ads i’ve ever seen

  8. Is the Kleber sniping clip old or did they do something to Shiki’s gun sound?

  9. His Background music is literraly my playlist

  10. 7:02 how come the torps did like 0 dmg

    • A combination of Halland having low torp damage and Shiki having one of the best torpedo damage reduction belts in the game. Halland torps hit for a max of 10700 damage and Shiki has a torp reduction of 55% so in reality each torp only hits for around 5k each.

  11. Your videos make my day by laughing my ass to the ground
    keep it up champ

  12. 5:37 HTV intro was a chef’s kiss 😀

  13. My favorite is the Yamato. But 7:05 is some black magic fuckery

  14. SCP 4217, Contain The Bismarck

    “‘That’s actually better than nose-in Because I have, I have his Butt”
    -Daniel Rusev

    10:10 Fly away TheFatRat
    11:32 Ievan Polkka (VSNS Remix)
    12:13 Bass bomber Alan Aztec
    12:43 Moscow

  15. Ethan Gavril Moreno

    3:22 HOLY SHI…

    The most damage i have done in one salvo is from my Vladivostok,
    I citadelled a broadsided Slava at point-blank for 56K dmg with my front 2 turrets.

  16. Need more Videos haha I Love this shit bro.

  17. Broadside Kremlin is toooo op and I even couldn’t pen him with Yamato at the range of 14km…

  18. Imagine sailing literal feet from an island in a Massive Battleship and getting stuck
    Almost as bad as CV planes being good against ships

  19. Always waiting for a new release of funny clips 🤣

  20. What happened to Battery B on your Kurfürst there?? It wouldn’t fire!!

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