World of Warships Funniest Clips #13

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World Of Warships meme compilation made out of my funniest live streams clips is finally here!

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  1. Always a great time when I watch ur vids Dani!!! 😁😎

  2. loving these new clips series!

    • I also like this format sometimes you don’t have time to watch a whole game it’s nice to just get the highlights from maybe a whole day of playing in one video.

  3. Deidara Tsuchikage

    Was so awesome
    I was like that yesterday
    I lost, but i did all i can do

  4. Mr.Enderman Cook

    Nice video Dani keep a good work👍😎

  5. Not enough Meme music 👀🤔
    Oh and _smoke is more toxic than subs._ 😉

  6. Wyvern The Pinkie Pie

    No, Azuma, you are not John Cena.

    But you can get John Cena’d. :3

  7. Joseph Sturgeon

    Hey Daniel been watching you for awhile your the best my friend

  8. I have coal for a boat, which one do you recommend?

  9. That Azuma part , JOHN CENA!!!

  10. Hey, im watching u like 20k Subs and i just wanted to say that i Love your Videos Man😁 Keep up the good work

  11. You know Daniel, if you run Dispersion mod in Slot 3 for GK and Preussen, and do a hybrid build, they are actually far more reliable.

    • @ne0fenris Exactly why you should not play this line/nation if that’s what you are looking for…There are other ships that do that… The guns are still too unreliable for that no matter the upgrades… Also let’s not forget that Preussen main guns get incapacitated by HE and mino AP which is amazing indeed…

    • @Daniel Rusev i get what your saying, i just have different experiences with this game and ship

    • @Daniel Rusev IMO the whole german nation needs to be re-work. Its just to demanding on things that thoes things dont even work at times.

    • @Daniel Rusev Not to be rude, but you might just be a better player than your clanmates, that doesnt tell us anything.

      German BBs, when properly played are still some of the most tanky ships in the game, with decent guns.
      I never said not to play them with secondaries, just not a full build. Mine still has 10.5 Secondaries with similar-ish accuracy, its just that the guns are a fair bit better.

    • @[BFs]Karaya 1 The main guns are too squishy and still not reliable enough for me to invest in them. I played with that build when it was a test ship and even had some insane almost 300k games however the worst part is that GK guns are more consistent than Preussens and GKs also perform better than Preussen especially up close when brawling which led to me not picking it at all unless a viewer wants to see it during a stream xD…

  12. Kawaii Katarina

    8:58 If someone ever asks me how good Jinan is, I can just show them this clip. It’s literally more fragile than a DD because of its citadel, it does no damage, AP is non existent, velocity takes the shells to Mars before they land. I’m waiting for Yuro to make a video on “Why you should play Jinan as a torpedo boat”.

    • You can ONLY play it as a torpedo boat to begin with…. If you are kiting and can torp all the time it is a fun ship, however if you cant torp and, god forbid, need to push then it is pain and misery with a drop of crippling depression. Jinan guns cant even pen Mino with AP unless you are point blank level of bad

    • Kawaii Katarina

      @Daniel Rusev It’s a real shame. I’m at Sejong right now and I don’t have the motivation to grind Jinan. I couldn’t get Smolensk so I was hoping for something similar to it, but unfortunately the Pan Asian cruisers are just not it.

      Also I’m surprised you responded to my comment! Greetings from a fellow Bulgarian! Love your videos.

    • Just use HE

    • @HelloItsRick Watch my Jinan vid to see why that’s bad as well… To put it into perspective Shimakaze has waaaay better guns that jinan….

  13. It’s not Preussens fault. WG sent every capable german gunner to the Hindenburg and Elbing.

  14. anyone know the song name on the last clip, or the one at 8:04 ?

  15. Mr. Örtzknörtz

    that game endscreen at 4:17 dani has so much medals he needs a second screen to see them all

  16. Jackson Wingdom

    Daniel thanks for all the fun content. I love memes you do on the side. I’ve burst out laughing on occasion!

  17. So literally JINAN can put 40 torps in the water at the same time. That’s pretty sick

  18. CursedDark_Mario

    Good and consistent content, with memes and no clickbait and straight to the point. You are the embodiment of “The Youtuber Most Aspire To Be”

  19. Yo Daniel, is Incomparable still worth something? I wanted to get her but now with the Superships we got some with Super High Caliber (Cough cough Satsuma cough)
    So still recommended or should I just go for Bourgogne or Stalingrad (Stalin cause Old and kinda Gold and Bourgogne cause Jean Bart is my most favourite and most played Ship and she seems like a Jean Bart+) + a Schlieffen for fast Torp BB shenanigans?

  20. You do not see small islands with mountains made of graphite.

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