World of Warships Funniest Clips #14

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World Of Warships meme compilation made out of my funniest live streams clips is finally here! The first 1,000 people to use the link will get a 1 month free trial of Skillshare:

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  1. KMS Graf Zeppelin

    Huh I’m in the thumbnail

  2. Deidara Tsuchikage

    Como siempre
    Buen directo que haces
    Son increíbles

  3. Everytime, nice to see a vid from you 😀

  4. Mr.Enderman Cook

    Just in right time dani😅 i was bored on yt and then i saw your awesome video good job 👍😎👍

  5. Nice video, Dani. I still enjoy watching these clips 😁😁

  6. Mercer the Gamer

    5:12 Me Trying to get the yamamoto mission done, where you need to be first place in 5 matches in a CV.

    • why bother, just keep redoing the easy ones until you have enough stars to advance and eventually get Yamamato (you dont need to do every mission just once – unless that is what you want)

    • Mercer the Gamer

      ​@Peter Greif Yeah, but I only learned about it after I made it

  7. 11:30 Yep Zreox thats right 😂

  8. A good Smolensk is a dead one, ty Dani

  9. Wait, Dani! No credits in the description!? x(
    Now I’m dying to know the piece used in 12:34 Dx

  10. 10:59 in the 1940’s radar does not work on submerged subs acuratelly speaking, radar works for surfaced targets and it has a lot of range, for submerged targets it exists sonar, or in the game, hidroacustic search.

  11. I’m still laughing for “the flag” 😂😂😂😂 Awsome vid Daniel.

  12. another vid? it must be my lucky day lol

  13. The end lol 😂, got bismarck’ed

  14. I see graf zep i click

  15. Love hearing Meteor playing in the background. Let’s get Jorge some more love.

  16. Aragmar Verilian

    I love watching those cool moments 😀

  17. Dani, for a guy that played WoWs for so long, it’s somewhat surprising that you didn’t know that Maya is a Japanese Takao-class Type-A(heavy) cruiser. Or that you didn’t bother looking at a ship’s flag to figure out which nation’s ship you’re captaining.

    • I knew that the ship was Japanese. A guy on stre asked me which nationality was the ship I was playing and i said Japanese. The meme was that I started explaining how you can easily see that the ship is Japanese but I forgot to mention the easiest way which is looking at the flag xD

  18. 1:55 it actually did damage to you?

  19. The Jinana has 4k lower hp then a Tier 7 cruiser funny

  20. not sure who the guy was that stated “oh sweet so the actual thing radar was developed for doesnt work. amazing.” ummm radar was developed for picking up targets in the air and on the surface not sub-surface. sonar was for sub-surface, and no radars back then were not good enough to pick up a periscope.

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