World of Warships Funniest clips 19.5

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The new World Of Warships funny and epic compilation full of devastating entertainment and wild gameplay has finally arrived!

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Maid Dani-Chan:

Smug Mug Dani-Chan:

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  1. hi daniel ^^ i bought the Jinan shiep and i love that shiet x) hope u play it and makes fun clips and videos x)

  2. bigman, tell us the sound of the gods

  3. 12:50 best response possible

  4. 10:55 “That hurt, that hurt indeed”.
    Meanwhile, Edgerunners fans: “EMOTIONAL DAMAGE”

  5. World of Warships - Best of Twitch

    Bro, the genius segway into the Hentai Dani chan ad, ahaha.

  6. love from pakistan daniel bro

  7. I love the editing of the video keep up the uploading I’m very excited for more videos keep up the uploading .

  8. The moment he gets up and walks away from the ranked battle after the results show one person had played 15 .. yes 15 .. total battles is priceless. I’m sorry but if WG sees this you should require some type of minimum battle level to join ranked battles. I’ve had that same crap show up. People with 100-150 battles still learning low win rates all sorts of mistakes and they are NOT ready to try ranked. But 15 takes the prize as I’ve never seen that low.

    • Maybe they have thousands of coop games? Not that it can make anyone good. Tho most people with thousands of pvp games are still bad so…

  9. Torpedobeating that Elbing spread was a big F YOU moment xD

  10. Diego Vinicio Mejía Quesada

    Daniel… What you expected from a PAYto Rico?

  11. Are the voices in Japanese from the commanders or do they edit separately?

  12. what an entertaining video especially the failed ram lol and that dumb dd not shooting back at a sub. by the way anyone knows the song in 1:24 ?

  13. What is the ship he is using at 2:37

  14. This game looks pretty cool,wonder if its on console? I enjoyed battlefield Pacific

  15. I love the singular St.Vincent Torp, I don’t know why, but people keep on running into mine XD

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