World of Warships Funniest clips 21

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The new World Of Warships funny and epic compilation full of devastating entertainment and wild gameplay has finally arrived!

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  1. Jordi Call Manzanares

    The thumbnail is so god damn hilarious.

  2. Finally, a new video, finally I can rest… xD
    Already know its gonna be great even before watching it, since your content is just great 🙂

  3. More fun from Daniel!

  4. If you would like to se more of random shenanigans like this visit us on his twitch channel xD

  5. Awesome editing of the video keep up the uploading I’m very excited for more videos.

  6. Lol, “I don’t wanna play this game sometimes”, sums up wg’s bs fr

  7. Алекс Лекс

    Первью к видео это отсылка к одному известному кораблю и его судьбе?

  8. Jesus Christ that special commander on the Mino makes me long for a Pirates Of The Caribbean collab. Imagine having Jack Sparrow, Hector Barbossa or Davy Jones as a captain, with unique voice lines.

  9. My best guess for the random ricochet on the Repu was you hit his turret based on where the rest of the shell splashes in the water were. That said the belt armor of Republique is actually surprisingly good, 400mm sloped at -25 deg with a 70mm turtleback at 34-35 deg behind it. Just shame the rest of the ship is covered in 32mm..

  10. 2:01 *drives into cap all alone*
    “I got fucked by a submarine”

  11. I feel your pain with that last clip danny. 😅❤

  12. Ah i see, a fellow Gibraltar enjoyer.

  13. The Mino Torpescape is incredible! Wonderful Vids Dan!

  14. Man, I can totally relate to the shitty RNG system they got going. Sometimes, it makes you wonder why we continue to play the game still. One time, I had the flat broadside of an enemy Vladivostok in my Missouri and did next to no damage. HOWEVER, I was bow-in to him and he managed to citadel me, from the front, and sunk me. I was pissed. #changeRNGtoskill

    Also, love those torp dodges. THAT’S pure skill right there, if I ever seen it.

  15. Hi Daniel, I came across your YouTube channel and I’m impressed by your content. I’m a fellow gamer and I wanted to reach out to you about a potential business proposal regarding World Of Warships. I believe this opportunity could be a great fit for your audience and I would love to discuss it further with you. How can I get in touch with you to share more details? Thanks!

    • Hi man. I will be more than happy to hear you out. You can just send me a DM in discord. You can find me in my server, which is linked in the video description.
      You can also email me using the email on my YT about page if it will be easier for you. I will respond faster on a discord DM tho.
      Will be waiting to hear from you soon:)

    • @Daniel Rusev I managed to message you there!

  16. Heya bud! I’m the CO of my clan, and I’m not allowed to speak during cb. We estimate that everyone’s result is on average 30% better if I simply don’t speak!🤣 tho sometimes I can speak things into existence for the better of my team, too often ill say something, and……😉 o7 my dude! Love the Dani Chan evolution btw!

  17. Does anyone know the name of the Eurobeat song at 11:52 I cant find it?

  18. QuelloConLaGrammatica Indecente

    He’s done
    Nice vids dani :=)

  19. the secondary yama ??? got him in the end

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