World of Warships Funniest clips 24

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The new World Of Warships funny and epic compilation full of devastating entertainment and wild gameplay has finally arrived!


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  1. Joseph Hungerford

    Awesome editing of the video daniel keep up the uploading n great work. 😊

  2. love the vid, keep it up

  3. Ľudovít Bradovka

    bruh 2nd time i see the gato halland clip. Get balanced Dani!

  4. György-Tarasz Pukis

    Raiden Shogun – respect 🎉

  5. 3:07 A general feeling regarding the game nowadays.


    4:45 I hear Halo, I upvote 😀

  6. I enjoy watching you play Daniel, these videos are always great entertainment.

  7. Hey Daniel, there’s one thing to consider in this video at the 12:22 mark. Your hull isn’t 100% above water. I’m betting the keel scraped something underwater in the game.

  8. that GK pushing you out is exactly why I miss team dmg, I dont have the patience for that shit and woulda torped him lol.

  9. Jorge Gutierrez Alv.

    I never understood why it hides the map

    • These clips are from live streams. Most streamers do that to keep people from stream sniping them, using their live stream to get information about the position and stuff while playing against them or giving the information to other players playing against the streamer. As these are recorded from the livestream there is no way to uncover the map for the clips.

  10. 11:37 Happen so many time XD

  11. Petro is still in desperate need of torpedoes, I see.

  12. Lmao lost my shit finally seeing you get hit by a torpedo and cherry on top was you admitting you were going to torpedo beat it . Glad we’re on the same page

  13. the subs are a bit to broken for how they lock their torps on. also for the teammates that ram into you use your horn since it makes them not tunnel vision most of the time

  14. “that was from the other side! what was that?”
    that, my dear, is something you only see rarely, a team capable of cooperating to create magical thing called crossfire….

  15. InevitableD34th

    12:44 that torpedo did hit you. The red dorito is at the tail of the torpedo, not the front. You can see if you look at torpedoes under water.

  16. 11:43 that map got a few buggy parts like that

  17. Th guy pushing you out of the smokescreen saved your life, ironically…

  18. I feel like Daniel is slowly devolving into Flamu over the game mechanics. If I start hearing about his government overtaxing beer, his transformation will be complete.

    • The longer I play the game the more braincells I lose and my temper gets shorter and shorter… I fear that I will completely lose it soons xD

    • @Daniel Rusev The WG game center launcher on my desktop was renamed to Brain Damage Center. This is not a coincidence.

  19. 16:56 musical guns.

  20. thats why the ship is called incomparable

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