World of Warships Funniest clips 25

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The new World Of Warships funny and epic compilation full of devastating entertainment and wild gameplay has finally arrived!


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  1. Joseph Hungerford

    Awesome editing of the video keep up the uploading, always having a great laugh. Keep up the great work daniel.

  2. That should be painful for that Des Moines .. .. no cits, does 9 K damage with one 1 and one over pen … LOL. Welcome to my games most of the time. That dispersion hates me.

  3. Ľudovít Bradovka

    Day 2 of asking Dani not to include Gato clips

  4. I said before, you’re one hell of a player, Daniel. The way you had that straight face when you sunk that sub with your Musashi was priceless. And I don’t know how you pull off those torp beats. Also, I feel your pain. Many of my salvos look good, but the end result makes me want to go on a tirade. If Wargaming put THIS kind of effort in fixing bug issues and fixing shells going short or long like they do pumping out shitty paper ships every single update, the game would be LEAGUES better. Another curious question, if you don’t mind. How long have you and Dani-Chan been crewed up in World of Warships?

    • I have been playing wows for many years but I didn’t really play much until around 7 years ago. As for dani chan she got created for this channel around 1 ywar ago 🙂

  5. 5:26 Tom such a traitor being in wrong Team 😂

  6. Александр

    Are you happy without Russian players? Good luck and easy game

  7. 2:10 the way that we playing a Ship game, in a sub vs sub, wit hAmelia Watson as voice but then theres that RANDOM KEQING from Genshin in the picture hahaha

  8. 8:30 bruh this is me when I’m playing… 😂😂🤣

  9. 11:11 Daniel PLEASE 😂😂😂

  10. ShayTheSwift_ 432

    I remember an old video where you called someone a carrot. Idk why but the cucumber thing made me think of that😂😂

  11. Is it just me or did Dani look super dooper good in this vid?!

  12. 0:56

    Hold on… Sims, is that you??

  13. 15:29 Holy crap I haven’t heard that song in forever, miss playing Battlestations Pacific. That’s the American theme from it if I recall right?

  14. Nice ears and great clips ;D


  16. 1:57 never thought i would hear wangan midnight music on this channel

  17. freaking richto citadel farming yeeesh. at least it’s vs another cv

  18. Yesterday I had a shell nonpen then bounce around in the superstructure for 2 overpens.

  19. trainspotter suedostthuringen

    _VVV_ Good play from my Clanmembers to 8:20 😂.

  20. As a Ukrainian I am very ashamed of such an individual who walks under the banner of Ukraine. I apologise for him.

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