World of Warships Funniest Clips 9

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The newest and funniest World Of Warships funny compilation made of my live streams is finally here!

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  1. Didn’t expect a VLDL reference here! Fine taste good sir

  2. Either Dani got an editor or he watched some dank editing tutorials. Nevertheless, I luv it :>

    • The majority of the Twitch Funny series are edited by the team of my friend FreeTheBrain who is the owner of Best Of Twitch channels 🙂
      The edit is in his style but uses my taste of memes which make the vids so special. Glad you like it!

  3. When ur out of everything, i am the everything

  4. Dude I randomly found this channel but I had to say it: for a few seconds I thought it’s me playing…. no joke we literally look the same. WTF.

  5. Again a Funny Vid, GG i would say. And cool, that you used Viva la Dirt league as a meme vid.

  6. alexander oudmaijer

    hi daniel i really like your vids

    -a proud weebwatcer

  7. Comically Slow Snek

    I see… even Dani’s vids got a graphics update. Sheeesh

  8. Schif not bad u just gotta know how to play it

  9. Very sad that we couldn’t see his team reporting him for poor gaming in the last part of this clip :-C Like he always does with others

  10. love the new intro/outro animation!

  11. loved the vldl clip lol

  12. Inspired, I ended a dirigible derby in my Kurfurst yesterday by ramming a Vermont while at 406hp.

  13. LOL Great clips Daniel!

  14. Daniel should be a captain in world of warships

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